A Glimpse At the Food The Leaky Cauldron Will Serve At The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Diagon Alley

Hi all,

On Friday Tom Schroder, Vice President of Public Relations at Universal Orlando tweeted pictures of his lunch!!

Yep thats right, his lunch… how boring you might think… usually I’d agree but on this occasion is was a special lunch. Some might say a magical lunch! Not me though cos that would be really cheesey 😉

The reason this lunch was of interest was where he had it…

Tweeting “Can you guess what I’m getting to try for lunch today ?” accompanied by this photo;

1977481_763191393692646_1412068036_nTom got the internet buzzing with this very old English menu, words like Diagon Alley, Wizarding and most importantly Leaky Cauldron were flying around like (dare i say it?) broomsticks in a quidditch match (I dared).

The menu looks delicious and just how you’d imagine a wizards meal to look. Hats off again to Universal who always set the bar high when it comes to attention to detail.

Tom wasn’t finished though;

1898060_763191380359314_223825267_nFor those with a sweet tooth, Tom gave us a mouthwatering look at the puddings. As one of our facebook friends put it

 I gained about 4lbs just looking at that! Yum

Universal still haven’t confirmed the exact date Diagon Alley will open but we’re still guessing at an ambitious late June date.

Smiles included…





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