Are Disney Preparing To Introduce Indiana Jones Land?

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Its a rumour that’s been doing the rounds for a few months now but for some reason its recently been picking up steam.

Disney purchased the rights to Indiana Jones in the same deal that saw it grab Star Wars and although the franchise has gone off the boil lately (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) it is still seen as having potential especially as we can expect a 5th movie in 2020.

Here’s the latest provided by one of my favourite blogs Orlando Informer


We’re hearing that Animal Kingdom could be Indiana’s home with the new land replacing all of DinoLand, USA.


Rumour has it that approx. half the attractions will be receiving a theming overhaul and the other half being totally remove and replaced by brand-new experiences.

Their flagship attraction Dinosaur, is expected to be re-skinned as Indiana Jones Adventure. The Boneyard Fossil Fun Site is expected to get a makeover and re-themed to be an archaeology dig. Dino-Rama miniland, TriceraTop Spin and Primeval Whirl are expected to make way for new shop, eating experiences and perhaps a new main attraction.


Disney obviously have a lot in the pipeline at the moment but the introduction of an Indiana Jones land shouldn’t prove as costly as say Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge which may be attractive to the Disney hierarchy. I wouldn’t have thought we’ll see it, assuming it happens, before 2021.

What do you think of the idea of a Indiana Jones themed Land, does it fit in at Animal Kingdom?

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