Are Universal Working To Tie Up A Deal With Konami?

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Intellectual Property (IP) for theme parks is a big, big deal hence why Disney splashed out all those billions to own Marvel and Star Wars. Film IP has traditionally been the holy grail a great example of this is Harry Potter, although originally a series of books the films are the mechanism that drove it into the mainstream however could the tide be shifting slightly?


Earlier this year we reported on Universal’s deal with Nintendo that would see Nintendo’s classic characters such a Mario & Sonic the Hedgehog be developed into theme park attractions. Well rumour (this is a rumour nothing confirmed) has it that Universal are in talks with another computer game company, Konami, to also add their long list of characters to Universal IP armoury.

The Konami Corporation is a Japanese based organisation and is the 5th largest in the World based on revenue. It’s current business model seems to suggest a large push to mobile gaming which might be something that has attracted Universal to them but I doubt this. I believe the main lure is probably Silent Hill & Metal Gear Solid, two of the companies more iconic brands.

Silent Hill is a survival horror game set in a fictitious U.S. town. Its renowned for its eerie game play and lends itself perfectly to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights or alternatively Universal might be interested in offering an all year round scare attraction?

Metal Gear Solid, I found it hard to describe this game so relied on trusty old Wikipedia who describe it as “an action-adventure stealth” video game. The main pull of this IP are the characters especially Solid Snake who is some what of an iconic figure. What type of attraction could be made is beyond me… but sometimes a name doesn’t have to dictate an attraction.

As stated above this is pure speculation, but imagine this was the case, Universal would have deals in place with two major video game companies and the option to open a Pixel Land would be very tempting.

Universal Gobe

In my opinion Islands of Adventure lends itself to such a move although space wise, I think Universal would have to look at replacing one of the exsisting lands rather than adding an entirely new park. Currently Islands has;

  • Marvel Super Hero Island
  • Toon Lagoon
  • Jurassic Park
  • Seuss Landing
  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmeade
  • The Lost Continent

I think it’s a pretty safe bet to assume Universal won’t be replacing Marvel Super Hero Island or The Wizarding World of Harry Potter anytime soon. Also with the investment in introducing King Kong and the success of Jurassic Park at the box office this year, Jurassic Land is safe as houses too.

Toon Lagoon is pretty popular as is Seuss Landing, but I feel one of these two could be sacrificed.

What do you think?

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