Busch Gardens Tampa To Close Wooden Roller Coaster Gwazi

Hey thrill seekers,

Chiropractors will be devastated to hear that today Busch Gardens have confirmed that their marmite Roller Coaster Gwazi will be closing in early 2015.

Known for its jaw rattling ride Gwazi was a great throwback to a coaster now not in vogue and leaves Florida with only two wooden roller coasters to boast of.


Busch Gardens haven’t confirmed an exact date for the closure but speculation is very firmly pointing to quarter 1.

Travis Claytor PR Manager at Busch Gardens said;

We will send out an announcement and make sure that everybody knows so that those who want to come ride it one more time can do that,

When asked about why the ride was being closed Claytor stated;

When we looked at this, we took into consideration things like ride penetration — the number of people wanting to actually go on the ride, We looked at guest feedback and comments along with operational costs.

Busch Gardens are currently basking in the light of a very successful launch of their drop ride Falcons Fury and at present are ready to reveal what will replace Gwazi.

I’m in a very small minority at Orlando Attraction Tickets who will miss this old coaster, I loved every bone shaking minute and I’ll be sad to see it go. However knowing Busch Gardens they’ll have something awesome hidden up their sleeves.

Smiles included…



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