Halloween Horror Nights Release Official Advert

Morning Thrill Seekers,

Apologies if I’m bombarding you with too much Halloween Horror Nights info but here at Orlando Attraction Tickets we’re super excited about it.

Today we got word from Universal that they’ve added an official advert for the event via their youtube channel (i’ve embedded it below).

This will be the first year that we’ve had a member of the team actually there, we are looking forward to them reporting back on how they found the whole Halloween experience 🙂

What do you think of the advert, which franchise do you think is the scariest?

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Final House Revealed For Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights

Afternoon Thrill Seekers,

It took a little longer than we expected but Universal have today resident evilfinally announced the last house for this years Halloween Horror Nights.

Previously Universal had revealed the following horrors;

*House and street experience

Unlike the other houses Universal announced this reveal with a video;

Does the use of a video as the reveal mean that they believe the Resident Evil house to be their best work or is it a nod to its movie and videogame heritage?

All we know is that this years lineup looks amazing and we’re lucky enough to have an OAT employee heading their this year, so look out for a review in October.

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Halloween Horror Nights Reveals American Werewolf In London

Morning Thrill Seekers,

Another day, another reveal for Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. This mornings reveal is a classic from my childhood and one that scared the bejesus out of me.

American Werewolf in London…

American Werewolf in London

Here’s what Universal had to say;

As the full moon rises, you will learn to fear the beast.

Based on the John Landis horror classic, An American Werewolf in London, you’ll come face-to-face with the bloody chaos of werewolf attacks in this horrifying house.

Although obviously not an original this reveal has been received positively. With one more reveal to go we’re assuming they’re leaving the best until last… rumours are strong for a Resident Evil house…. we’ll see soon enough.

You can get your Halloween Horror Nights Tickets from Orlando Attraction Tickets, popular tickets include;

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Halloween Horror Nights Reveals Havoc 2: Derailed

Morning Thrill Seekers,

Another midnight has passed and another Halloween Horror Nights House has been revealed. For a tiny bit of background, all this week Universal Orlando have been revealing a new house or maze for the 2013 Halloween Horror Nights.

On Monday they revealed La Llorona House based on the Mexican tale, yesterday they revealed a Universal original called Afterlife: Death’s Vengeance. Every good horror has a sequel, so today Universal have revealed Havoc 2: Derailed a sequel to the popular Havoc house.

HHN Havoc 2 DerailedHere’s how Universal describe their latest house;

WARNING: In this all-new original house the train convoy has derailed and the bloodthirsty maniacs are loose.

Escaping them this time will be a hard feat…the “Dogs of War” return to HHN23 in this sequel house, Havoc 2: Derailed.

This years Halloween Horror Nights is shaping up to be one of the best, you can purchase tickets for the event at Orlando Attraction Tickets.

I’ll continue to keep you updated on reveals for this years HHN.

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Halloween Horror Nights Reveal Afterlife: Death’s Vengeance

Morning Thrill Seekers,

As I mentioned yesterdayall this week on the stroke of midnight, Universal Orlando are revealing a new house for this years Halloween Horror Nights.

On Monday Universal revealed La Llorona based on the Mexican folk tale “The Weeping Women” to mixed reactions. The overall vibe from visitors is that they want to see some original houses, basically content not based on a Universal owed film…

Universal appear to have listened with their latest reveal… Afterlife: Death’s Vengeance.

Afterlife Deaths Vengeance

Here’s what Universal said about Afterlife: Death’s Vengeance;

Witness the brutal vengeance of his victims as they turn his afterlife into an inescapable hell…

This fall, 2000 volts of electricity are going to send serial killer, Bobby “The Blade” Galleta into a horrific realm of suffering at HHN23 in this new, original haunted house, Afterlife: Death’s Vengeance.

This reveal seems to have made many people happy with comments like “Wow did not see this coming” and “Good to see an original!” just a few of the positive replies.

Here at Orlando Attraction Tickets we love the idea of some original content and we’ll keep you posted when they reveal more.

To experience the true horror of halloween you can purchase a 2 Park Bonus Halloween Horror Nights Ticket or a Halloween Horror Nights Frequent Fear Pass from www.orlandoattractiontickets.co.uk

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La Llorona House Revealed For Universal Halloween Horror Nights

Morning Thrill Seekers,

All this week at midnight (U.S. time) Universal Orlando are revealing more details about what you can expect at Halloween Horror Nights this year.

Last night Universal revealed that the next house would be based upon La Llorona…

Feel her pain and suffering as you succumb to her legend of tragedy… Enter the watery realm of La Llorona in this all-new haunted house, Urban Legends: La Llorona, at HHN23.

la llorona

For those unfamiliar, La Llorona is a based on an old Mexican tale told to children to warn them of the dangers of going off at night. La Llorona or the Weeping Women is a ghost that haunts river banks looking for her lost children.

A La Llorona house has been done before in Universal’s California theme park but officials state that the Orlando version will not be a carbon copy.

You can purchase tickets to Universals Halloween Horror nights at Orlando Attraction Tickets.

I will continue to update as more information on Universal’s #HHNRevealWeek in.

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Universal Halloween Horror Nights Reveals Walking Dead House And Street Experience

Afternoon Thrill Seekers,

Universal’s social push for Halloween Horror Nights continued this week as they asked their facebook pals to vote on the next reveal. A comment would see them announce a street experience and a like would see them introduce a new house.

Well as you can imagine, the likes won, as its easier to click the facebook thumb than to write a comment. 5064 people clicked the like button with 647 people leaving a comment.

This prompted Universal to leave this cryptic clue about the next house.

cryptic clue

This prompted many comments guessing what the clue could mean…

Then at 15:30 UK time we got this….

walking dead house

You may have escaped once…but not again.
AMC’s The Walking Dead returns to HHN with a new haunted house that will place YOU at the heart of the prison and into the town of Woodbury.

The big news however was that Universal have decided that The Walking Dead will also be the whole Street Experience.

And we thought we’d go ahead and reveal the street experience too. For the first time ever, we’re dedicating the entire HHN street experience to AMC’s The Walking Dead. Around every corner you will encounter iconic scenes from all 3 seasons of the show, while trying to avoid blood-thirsty walkers.

So what do you think of Universal’s announcement, has it got you excited, scared or something else?

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What Should My Orlando Attraction Tickets Look Like?

Afternoon Thrill Seekers,

It’s absolutely scorching today at OAT towers, we’ve got the air-con on full blast and we’re all dressed as if we’re off to Aquatica, not a pretty sight :-).

Today’s post centers around the tickets we offer and what you should expect to see in your envelope. Each supplier be it SeaWorld, Universal  or Disney all offer slightly different options regarding ticket fulfillment, this can be pretty confusing, we hope after todays post it may become a little clearer.

Disney Tickets

With Disney we offer 3 Ticket types;

All of these tickets pretty much look the same, the main difference is on the back of the ticket, which details the type of ticket and the terms of use.

The front of the ticket depicts one of Disney’s icon characters, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck etc and are set on a blue background.

disney tickets 1

Universal Tickets

Within our Universal Tickets we also offer the FlexTicket and FlexTicket Plus which is a cooperative ticket between Universal and SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, for the purposes of this post we will include the Flex Ticket within this Universal summary.

The 2 park and 3 park ticket pretty much look the same on the front, they display the large Universal logo on a dark blue background again the devil is in the detail which is shown on the back of the ticket.

The FlexTicket and FlexTicket Plus look different and are pretty easy to distinguish.

The Halloween Horror Tickets are similar to the 2 park and 3 park in the sense they look the same but the details on the back are the key.

universal tickets

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

SeaWorld P & E covers SeaWorld, Aquatica, Busch Gardens and Discovery Cove. They are leading the way in new line technology and are currently distributing gate ready tickets via email and print outs.

The tickets offered by SeaWorld are individually to each customer and clearly display all the inclusions, the best bit about this tickets is the ability to create multiple copies incase of loss.

SeaWorld EZTicket

So there you are, our guide to what your ticket will look like, we believe very shortly the Disney tickets may be altering slightly but we’ll keep you up to date on these developments.

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Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights Goes Evil Dead

Morning Thrill Seekers,

As mentioned yesterday, Universal are slowly drip feeding us more information regarding this years Halloween Horror Nights.

Yesterday we predicted the next house would be based on the Film, The Evil Dead and we were right. Here’s how Universal released the information…

dont let it consume you

Followed shortly by;

tear them limb from limb

and then finally the full release;

evil dead

The more Universal release about Halloween Horror Nights the more exciting the night becomes…

Other rumours I’ve heard recently point towards further houses including Resident Evil, The Walking Dead and Insidious… but these are just rumors.

You can purchase your Halloween Horror Nights Tickets at Orlando Attraction Tickets.

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Universal To Reveal Identity Of Next Halloween Horror Nights House Soon

Morning Thrill Seekers,

With the sun shining and the promise of at least another week of glorious weather, you’re forgiven for not being fully focused on Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights…

However this morning Universal gave a clue to the identity of its next house… Recently we posted that one of Universal houses will definitely be based on Cabin in the Woods and we were pretty impressed with their social efforts at teasing the announcement.

Here at Orlando Attraction Tickets we are pretty sure we’ve guessed the identity of house number 2…. here’s the clue

hhn23 new

Now for those not totally up on their horror films we are pretty sure this points towards an Evil Dean house… Which is great, HHN fans have been requesting this for ages so it should make them very happy, if they include an Insidious house they will have ticked all the requested boxes…

You can purchase tickets to this event at www.orlandoattractiontickets.co.uk; the most popular ticket is the 2-Park Bonus Halloween Horror Nights Ticket which includes entry in to HHN, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Alternatively for those who’ve already purchased tickets for Universal and Islands of Adventure, you can always buy the Halloween Horror Nights Frequent Fear Pass.

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