Coming To An Envelope Near You

Hi Thrill Seekers,

Here at Orlando Attraction Tickets our tagline is Smiles included… oat-smile-greenWe like to offer our customers things to make them smile 🙂

  • Low prices
  • Quick delivery
  • Great customer services

To name but a few…

We are always looking at ways to add additional smiles and we think we maybe close to adding something that would make the coldest heart melt 🙂

Check out this teaser video

coming to an envelope near you!!


What do you think it is and most importantly did it make you smile?



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What Effect Will The Tumbling Pound Have On Orlando Attraction Tickets

Morning Thrill Seekers,

I’m sure most of you have already noticed but the Pound (£GBP) is£ broken taking a real battering at the moment from the Dollar ($USD), the most recent punch was some cracking unemployment data from the U.S. combined with terrible news from Italy resulting in their credit rating being reduced.

In January the GBP/USD was an attractive 1.6 meaning that if you exchanged £500.00 in to Dollars you’d receive $800.00 back…lovely 🙂

Fast forward to March, and the GBP/USD is a very unattractive 1.45 meaning that the same £500.00 will now only get you $725.00… $75.00 difference!

So to answer my initial question What Effect Will The Tumbling Pound Have On Orlando Attraction TicketsThe answer is, unfortunately we are going to see a rise in prices very soon! We’ve already seen the exchange rate take effect on many of our competitors who have already had to raise their pricing.

For we have a set amount of stock left that we purchased when the Dollar rate was more powder puff than Transformer however as soon as these stocks are depleted our rates will also rise I’m afraid.

So if you’re looking to purchase attraction tickets any time soon, now is a great time to do it. Remember we offer a deposit scheme of 25% which will secure your tickets and price (balance due 8 weeks prior to departure).

Kind regards and here’s hoping for a GBP revival,


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Smiles Included Is Now An Orlando Attraction Tickets Trademark

Morning Thrill Seekers,

We relaunched our logo and tagline back in October 2012 after some oat-smile-greenserious brain storming sessions. Orlando Attraction Tickets is owned and operated by U.S. Rent A Car a veteran of the USA car hire industry, car rental is a very different animal to Theme Park tickets, some would say less glamorous (me being one of them). So the chance to work on the sexier side of travel was a chance most of us leapt at.

Don’t get me wrong we have some very passionate people here who love car hire and can easily talk about it all day but as die hard as you are, it doesn’t come close to the excitement of thrilling roller coasters, amazing shows and awesome water parks.

So we decided we wanted a tagline that summed up the excitement of heading to Florida and hitting those theme parks. We came up with lots of ideas “ticket to ride“, “real excitement, real tickets“, “No.1 for Thrills”…. they weren’t all winners…

What we finally came down to was what emotional and physical response do we get from attraction tickets, and it was simple, emotionally we love it and physically we smile 🙂

What we went on to realise is that the smile doesn’t just take place at the theme parks, you smile while you’re booking your tickets because you’ve getting a great deal, you smile when the envelope containing your tickets hits your door mat and of course you smile the most when you use your tickets….Smiles included!

So we are delighted to announce that after what felt like a long time coming, Smiles included is now a trademark registered to Orlando Attraction Tickets.

Smiles included®



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February’s Top Selling Tickets

Afternoon Thrill Seekers,

February has flown by and I’m happy to announce that even with aoat tix shorter month it has been the most successful sales month to date. Feb has seen us ship over 3000 Orlando attraction tickets and seen us smash last years sales by 100’s of percentage points.

The review of our shipping techniques which was implemented in mid January, has seen immediate rewards with average delivery times down from 7 working days to an average of 3 working days, all at no additional cost to the customer.

The development of the new website has been placed slightly on the  back burner but I’m confident that March will see us introduce a new website that will be like no other theme park site out there.

Thank you to all the customer, staff and suppliers that helped February be so successful.

Here is a list of our top 10 tickets sold in Feb 2013

  1. The Orlando PassPort
  2. Disney Universal Switch Ticket
  3. Disney 14 Day Ultimate Ticket
  4. Discovery Cove Package
  5. Universal 2 Park Ticket
  6. Orlando FlexTicket
  7. Disney SeaWorld Switch Ticket
  8. Discovery Cove Ultimate Package
  9. LEGOLAND Florida 1 Day Admission
  10. 3 Park SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens

Did you buy any of these?

Smiles included…



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The Top 5 Questions We Get Asked At Orlando Attraction Tickets

Afternoon Thrill Seekers,

The purchasing of Orlando Attraction Tickets can seem pretty trickyOAT questions, there’s so much choice! There’s so much to do! and that can lead to Soooo many questions.

To help you guys out I’ve put together a list of our most popular frequently asked questions and provided the answers for them.

Q: Do you supplier real tickets?

A: Yep, we only supply real gate ready tickets, no queuing when you get to the parks to exchange a voucher for tickets, just head straight to the turnstiles and in you go. 🙂

Q: Do you charge for delivery?

A: Nope, standard delivery with is free of charge. We do offer an express delivery option that currently costs £10.00.

Q: When do you send out the tickets?

A: Tickets are sent out 7-10 working days after purchase regardless of date of departure assuming the full balance has been paid.

Q: Do you charge credit card fees?

A: Nope, we like our customers to feel as secure as possible so charging customers to use their credit card (which offers protection) goes against this. We do not charge for credit or debit cards.

Q: Where can I see comments regarding your companies service?

A: We work with independant review specialist Trustpilot, to view verified reviews of our service from real customers please see our Orlando Attraction Tickets review page.

I hope this helps a little, if you’ve got any questions please feel free to email us, call us on 0845 226 8523 or use the Live Chat facility located on every page of our website.

Remember Smiles included…. always.



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How Much Does It Cost To Park At The Orlando Theme Parks

Morning Thrill Seekers,

Orlando is huge, so to get around we suggest Florida car hire, we car parking theme parkbelieve that the freedom a car offers is the best way to get the most out of you Orlando Attraction Tickets. Not having to wait for shuttle buses or plan your day around their time tables leads to a much more relaxing holiday… and relaxing is the point, right?

When you drive to a theme park you will be expected to pay for parking, your tickets do not offer free parking.

How much does it cost to park at Disney World?

To park at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom the following charges will apply. (please note these prices were correct at the time of publication)

  • Car or Motorcycle – $25
  • Shuttle, Limo, Camper, Trailer, RV or Bus – $30
  • Preferred Parking Car or Motorcycle – $50

The parking fee only applies once per day, so therefore you can visit multiple parks on one car parking ticket.

Note: amend parking prices 16/10/18

Parking at other Disney areas

Parking is free at the following Disney locations;

  • Blizzard Beach
  • Typhoon Lagoon
  • Winter-Summerland Mini-Golf
  • Fantasia Gardens Mini-Golf
  • Fort Wilderness,
  • ESPN Wide World of Sports
  • Self-parking at Downtown Disney

How much does it cost to park at Universal Orlando?

The cost to park at Universal Orlando to gain access to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and Universal CityWalk are;

  • Regular Parking $26.00
  • Prime Parking $40.00
  • RV/Bus Parking $32.00
  • After 6 pm  Free *Does not apply to HHN

Note: amend parking prices 16/07/19.

How much does it cost to park at SeaWorld?

The costs to park at SeaWorld Orlando are;

  • Spaces are available to cars and motorcycles for $18.00
  • recreational vehicles for $21.00.
  • Preferred parking available for $21.00

Note: amended parking prices 06/11/15.

How much does it cost to park at LEGOLAND Florida? 

The costs to park at LEGOLAND Florida are;

  • Cars: $17 ($15 if pre-booked online)
  • Campers/RVs: $18
  • Motorcycles: $10
  • Preferred Parking: $22

Note: amended parking prices 01/11/16

Re-entry available with valid parking stub during same day of visit.

So there we have it a complete breakdown of all the car parking prices for the Orlando Theme Parks. Always good to have a little information before you get to Florida.



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My Dream Orlando Theme Park

Hi Thrill Seekers,

I just posted a beautiful picture on our Orlando Attraction Ticketsjamieland
 facebook page of a coaster at sun set and it sparked my imagination…

What would be my dream Orlando Theme Park?

If I could pick and choose any thrill rides or attractions from all the theme parks in Orlando to create one ultimate Theme Park… or Jamie-Land if you will, what would it include.

To make it a little easier I’ve placed the coasters in to categories, I can only pick one from each.


  • Cheetah Hunt
  • The Hulk Coaster
  • Expedition Everest

My Pick: Although I real like Cheetah Hunt, I’m going to go for The Hulk Coaster, it was the first ride I ever rode in Orlando and I just love the speedy start.


  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
  • The Mummy’s Revenge
  • Rock N’ Roller Coaster
  • Space Mountain

My Pick: Rock N’ Roller Coaster, a brilliant ride that is actually enhanced by being indoors. Loved it.

Mention: Mummy’s Revenge is a very close second.


  • Montu
  • Dragons Challenge
  • Kumba
  • Kraken
  • Manta

My Pick: Manta, the unique riding position makes it an easy pick, nothing is quite like Manta.


  • SheiKra
  • Rip Ride Rockit
  • Jurassic Park
  • Tower of Terror
  • Dr Doom
  • Journey to Atlantis
  • Splash Mountain

My Pick: SheiKra, anyone who’s ridden will know why I picked this, its the daddy of all drop rides.

Mention: Rip Ride Rockit, it plays music as it chucks you around!


  • Spider-Man 3D
  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
  • The Simpsons 3D
  • Toy Story Mania
  • Muppet Vision 3D

My Pick: Easy one for me this, it Spider-Man, I suffer badly with motion sickness; but this ride never effects me. Plus its awesome!


  • Disney’s Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show
  • One Ocean
  • Move It! Shake! It Celebrate It!
  • Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular
  • Disney World’s Wishes

My Pick: Although I love all of the show’s above, I’m going to pick Disney World’s Wishes, you can’t beat a firework show…

Mention: One Ocean, simply amazing! 

Well there you go, Jamie-Land is complete…. What do you think? What would your Theme Park Include?



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In Case You’ve Forgotten Its Not Just Smiles Included

Afternoon Thrill Seekers,

A manic day of tickets sales today! You can tell people have just been paid  and are now looking forward to arranging their Orlando smiles includedholidays.

Here at Orlando Attraction Tickets its not just Smiles Included we also offer –

Great Low Prices – We are constantly scouring the market for the best prices and deals available for Theme Park Tickets. We pride ourselves in offering every customer a great deal on their attraction tickets.

Free Fast Shipping We offer free standard shipping, many other companies will charge you for delivery. Book with us and you’ll receive your tickets within 7-10 working days. On average customer receive their tickets within 5 days!

No Credit Card Charges – We want you to not only be happy with your order but also feel secure in your decision to use us. As credit cards offer consumer protection why would we add additional cost to put you off using them?

Exclusive Tickets – Many of our tickets are exclusive to us… you can’t purchase the Orlando PassPort (our biggest seller) anywhere else in the UK!

People Like Our Service – We’ve teamed up with independent review specialist TrustPilot to offer you a glimpse in to the service we offer our customers. We want to be as transparent as possible.

Knowledgeable – We don’t just sell tickets… We Love Orlando Tickets. All our staff have visited the parks, rode the coasters and watched the shows. If you’ve got a question at least one of us will have the answer. You can contact us via email, telephone (0845 226 8523) and our unique live chat technology.

So that’s us… Not just smiles…but Smiles Included.



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Why Should I Purchase My Orlando Attraction Tickets Before I Go?

Morning Thrill Seekers,

I see this question crop up on forums quite a lot; “Should I purchase my Orlando Attraction Tickets before I get to Florida?”ticketsorlando

In today’s post I’ll tell you why you definitely should buy them before you go!

Cheaper & Exclusive Tickets

The average price to enter the parks in Orlando is $90 per day per person, I would say that when you take in to consideration queuing for rides, lunch and the shows etc its very difficult to get to see and do everything in one day. So to truly explore a theme park you need at least 2 days.

Here at Orlando Attraction Tickets we have access to UK exclusive tickets for all the major parks, for example a Universal 2 Park Bonus ticket at the moment costs only £99.00 but offers 14 days unlimited entry in to both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Even if you only visit both parks once you’ve already saved your self up to £30.00 per ticket!

Our Disney Tickets Include FastPass

All our Disney Tickets and Combo Tickets that include Disney come with FastPass as standard.

Make the most of your time in the Parks by taking advantage of the Disney FastPass system. Disney FastPass allows you to receive a specific time for the rides of your choice meaning you don’t have to queue, you just return at your scheduled time and on you go. More information can be found here.

Pre-Book To Avoid Disappointment

Some attractions get sold out, the best example of this is Discovery Cove, the boutique park best known for its Dolphin Swims only allows 1000 entries per day! So as you can imagine it has a history of selling out fast.

Orlando Attraction Tickets allows customers to pre-purchase entries and swims before you even get on a plane.

To book your Orlando Attraction Tickets you can either book online or call us on 0845 226 8523, remember we offer FREE postage, NO credit card charges and a deposit scheme.



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The First 20 Reviews Of Orlando Attraction Tickets

Morning Thrill Seekers,

On Friday I announced our partnership with independant review site Trustpilot and I’m happy to see we’ve already received 20 reviews.

OAT trust

I thought today’s post might be a nice way of showing off the level of service our customers are receiving, which helps explains why we are the fastest growing Orlando Attraction Tickets specialist in the UK.

Alan Armstrong

Great service from I called them Monday morning, tickets arrived today Wednesday morning!

Simon Figg

Tickets arrived within a few days and the advertised free gift was missing. I wrote an email to which they promptly replied and the free gift was at my house 2 days later. I will certainly be using them again next time we go to Florida.
Brilliant, cheap service

Claire Robbins

Ordered Disney 14 Day Ultimate Tickets, all delivered within a few days as described and with no problems at all. Would recommend to anyone.

Lisa Amasanti 

Best price on web and received tickets 24 hours later, excellent.


Purchased tickets on this site on a Monday and got them Wednesday, can’t argue with that. It didn’t even matter that my departure date isn’t until October !
I received real tickets and even could have left a deposit if I had wanted.
Top notch service 🙂

Jenny French

The website was easy to navigate and understand. Good value tickets received by return of post.


I found this website after a friends told me and I was amazed at how cheap the multi day tickets were. I phoned for advice and the person on the phone was knowledgeable and helpful.. I booked online and the tickets arrived in a couple of days. Very good

Natalie McKillion

The site is annoying doesn’t always respond. Flash sales are annoying as make you rush decisions. The price are very competitive. But the delivery options being only to the billing address and needing signing for have made it difficult for me as I am at work not at home in the day. Also no delivery slot confirmation or choice so I can’t ask anyone to sit at mine for the collection or pop home once informed of the delivery window. Also no bulk dis punts which is a shame. Waiting for tickets so can’t tell you how quickly they have arrived.

Darren Close

Two families booked tickets for all attractions through this site online, took only a few minutes, tickets arrived within a few days

 Trevor Manning
Would recommend this web site to anyone easy to use price was good and tickets arrived in 2 days by recorded delivery
Vince Hamill

Ordered Disney 14 day ultimate tickets whilst a promotio was on. Saved 10% versus all other sites. Quick delivery and genuine hardcopy tickets received.Highly recommended.

L Skinner

would recommend, as quick and easy to do business

Susan Martin

Could only give a positive review as everything was top quality from speed ease and efficiency, Would recommend.

Nicola Blay

The site was recommended by a friend and I couldn’t find cheaper tickets anywhere else. The tickets arrived within a couple of weeks.

Mark Hayward

Well as the headline says, they could not be beaten on price, was a little disappointed that one of the tickets was an “E” ticket and not the hard one we expected but that said Attraction tickets answered my query very fast and to my satisfaction, so overall a worthy five stars.

Charlotte Foley

Excellent service was provided by Orlando Attraction tickets when asking questions about which tickets to buy.

All in all a good service so far. I would recommend the company to anyone wishing to buy Disney tickets

Carol Wayman

Ordered Sunday evening, delivered by Wednesday. Real tickets so no need to exchange once we reach the parks. Would highly recommend. Also prices were the best I could find by quite a considerable amount.

Melanie Parker

I found the site via google. The tickets were cheaper than any other website. As I ordered them very close to the start of my holiday I was emailed my tickets, which meant I didn’t have to wait ( or pay for delivery!)
Sylvia Davis
I have been going to florida for many years and have bought tickets many times . This was definitely the best price I have found yet due to the flash sale on two weeks ago . Don’t know if it was just a one off or if they do this on a regular basis . Maybe I just struck lucky. This year by looking at the right time.
Dee Summerville
The tickets came the very next day,so a speedy first class delivery.
We hope over the coming months we’ll gather even more reviews. If you’ve used are services please feel free to add your own review by clicking here.
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