What Can We Look Forward To From The Parks In 2013?

Happy New Year Thrill Seekers,

2013 is almost upon us and its time to remember the past but look forward to the future, so what have the Orlando theme parks got planned for us.

Disneyland Orlando (Magic Kingdom)

Disney should complete the final stages of its much anticipated  Fantasyland expansion at the Magic Kingdom in Florida, featuring a Seven Dwarves mine train coaster and the Princess Fairytale Hall meet-and-greet attraction should keep Disney as the number 1 theme park in the World.

We may also hear more about Disney’s proposed construction of an Avatar land.

Universal Orlando (Universal Studios)

Revealed last year by a host of cryptic messages Universal Orlando confirmed that the Transformers 3-D motion simulator dark ride will open at Universal Studios Orlando in 2013. Riders will join the heroic Autobots in an intergalactic battle against the villainous Decepticons.

We may also hear more about the rumoured Harry Potter extension perhaps later in 2013 once the Transformers excitement has died down.

SeaWorld Orlando

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin will transform SeaWorld Orlando’s 24-year-old Penguin Encounter habitat into a new winter-themed land with 55-foot-tall glaciers in the shape of nuzzling penguins towering over shops, restaurants and a first-of-its-kind interactive dark ride offering varied adventures from a penguin’s point of view. Orlando Attraction Tickets will be there in 2013 so we’ll update you all on the attraction.

Also for 2013 SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment should complete its IPO which may bring further announcements.

Orlando Attraction Tickets

2013 should be a very exciting time for us, we’ve altered our shipping options to make us quicker, we should see a new look website launching in the 1st quarter of 2013 and we’ve also signed on some new suppliers to offer even more great attractions in Orlando.

Here’s to a great 2013,

Happy New Year…


Christmas Hours At Orlando Attraction Tickets And A Present

Merry Christmas Thrill Seekers,

Jack Frost is nipping at our toes and I’m sure I can hear the sounds of hooves on our roof… it can mean only one thing…ITS CHRISTMAS.

As much as we love talking to people about Orlando Attraction Tickets we also love Christmas so here are our office hours over the festive period.

Christmas Eve: 9:00 – 16:00

Christmas Day: Closed.

 Boxing Day: Closed.

Thursday 27th: 10:00 – 16:00

Friday 28th: 10:00 – 16:00

Saturday 29th: 09:00 – 13:00

Sunday 30th: Closed.

New Years Eve: 09:00 – 12:00

New Years Day: Closed

Back to normal office hours on Wednesday 2nd January 2013

You mentioned a present?

I most certainly did…

£10 off per person using promo code xmas10 for the following 2013 tickets…

The Orlando PassPort – http://usr.ac/MiLw6d
The Disney 14 day Ultimate Ticket –http://usr.ac/R9hgMf
The Disney 21 day Ultimate Ticket –http://usr.ac/R9hgMf

This offer is will finish on the 1st Jan 2013. Remember tickets can be secured with a 25% deposit with the balance due 8 weeks prior to departure.

Merry Christmas



Orlando Attraction Tickets Reviews

Afternoon Thrill Seekers,

Tis the season to be jolly… so I thought I’d be slightly self indulgent and post a few of the customer reviews we received over the past year.

Terry Wright, UK

Thanks very much for the excellent and fast delivery of our tickets. I thought I’d left it to late for delivery, so glad I called you guys.

Samantha Stevens, UK

Just got back from Orlando, so I thought I’d drop you a quick email. Thanks very much for the advice, you were correct our children loved Legoland it does offer more than the UK version and the water park is brilliant. Thanks again and I will be recommending your services to all our friends.

Francis Teller, Australia

Just received our tickets, thanks very much for all your hard work. The post office did have my tickets at our local branch just as you predicted, thanks for going that extra mile to chase them for us.

Tina Smith, UK

The Orlando PassPort was a right bargain, so glad I found you guys online.

Kat M, UK

We booked the Orlando Passport tickets for a bargain price of £400 each, which covers all of the major attractions, this was the cheapest by far that we found after searching so many different websites.

We booked them online on Friday 1st June and we received them on Thursday 7th June, we was surprised that they had arrived so quickly bearing in mind we had 2 bank holidays in this time. Def recommend Orlando Attraction Tickets.co.uk.

David James, UK

We booked the Orlando passport which gives you 14 day disney, universal studios and islands of adventure and also seaworld busch and aquatica for £400 a ticket. Booked on a Sunday and got the tickets by Wednesday so cant complain at all.

…..and that’s just a few of the reviews!

For 2013 we’ve got even more idea’s and deals  in the pipeline, so stay tuned… remember with Orlando Attraction Tickets the Smiles are included…



We’ve Hit 200 Attraction Ticket Posts

Good Afternoon Thrill Seekers,

Yesterday we hit the 200 posts mark, which we are all very happy about, this blog has performed quite a few pivots before landing on its current format and today while celebrating 200 posts we’ve also released a new design, as you’re reading this you can see the new design now.

The new design is much cleaner and fresher than the previous design and of course features our new smiley logo, we hope you like it.

Well that’s enough of me waffling, below are the top 10 most viewed posts out of the 200.

Top 10 Orlando Attraction Tickets posts

  1. SeaWorld San Diego To Launch Manta In 2012
  2. The Sorting Hat At Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  3. Shop Price’s At Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  4. Orlando Thrill Theme Park Unveils 14 Ride Idea’s
  5. Ollivanders – In The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Universal Islands of Adventure, Orlando
  6. Introducing The Orlando PassPort
  7. SeaWorld Switch From Pepsi To Coke
  8. Quidditch – just what are the rules anyway?
  9. Jaws ride closing forever at Universal Orlando
  10. When Is The Best Time To Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

Here’s to 200 more posts… thanks for reading!




25 Top Theme Park Tips

Morning Thrill Seekers,

We love selling Orlando Attraction Tickets, it puts a smile of our face and hopefully will put one on yours as well!!! 

We’ve been asked a few times for our top 10 tips for Theme Parks but its hard picking just 10, so here is my 25 tips.

  1. Buy Tickets before you go, it works out cheaper and here in the UK we have access to tickets you can’t purchase in the U.S.
  2. Make sure you book your tickets with a recognised reseller.
  3. Restaurants get booked up quickly  make sure you pre-reserve your table to avoid disappointment. With most parks you can pre-book up to 180 days before your visit!
  4. Take your own water.
  5. Remember to take your sun cream with you, standing in lines is a very easy way to get burnt.
  6. Apply your sun cream regularly, and straight after any water rides.
  7. If you’re not interested in getting soaked but you still want to go on the water rides, try purchasing a poncho from a local supermarket, they will cost about a $1.
  8. Still in water mode, try keeping your mobile phone in a sandwich bag to keep it dry,
  9. Its an obvious one but wear comfy shoes, you’re going to be on your feet a lot.
  10. If you’ve booked a car with usrentacar.co.uk use their car finder app to help you locate your car, the car parks are massive.
  11. Alternatively, tie something to your car ariel to help it stand out.
  12. Or… take a picture of where you’ve parked it on your digital camera or mobile.
  13. Start at the back of the park and work your way to the front.
  14. Try to have your lunch at an off-lunch time, queues are smaller during lunch time.
  15. Arrange a place to meet in case you somehow become separated.
  16. Height restrictions are there for a reason, the park isn’t being a party pooper its for your safety!
  17. Best time to get on the rides is during a parade, fireworks or other big show.
  18. If you’re on your own or with someone who doesn’t fancy a ride, use the single rider queues to shorten your wait time.
  19. If you can afford it purchase a queue jumper ticket.
  20. Sunday’s and Monday’s are busiest at Disney.
  21. Have some queue games in mind to keep the kids occupied.
  22. Get to the theme park shows early to avoid disappointment, show at SeaWorld get full very quickly.
  23. If you lose something in the park its generally taken to lost property and is available to collect the following day. Some parks will even send the item back to you if you’ve already left the U.S.
  24. If you’re a real adrenaline junky dont be afraid to ask the people at the parks the best ride position for each coaster, no one knows the park better than the people who work there.
  25. Smile….

If you’ve got a Theme Park tip please feel free to leave it in the comments below.



THEA Not So Kind To Orlando

Afternoon Thrill Seekers,

For the first time in 10 years Orlando was snubbed in the prestigious  THEA (Themed Entertainment Association) Awards. The Thea awards are given  to projects whose achievement has been determined to be of “outstanding” quality. The award is for people or parks in the themed entertainment industry, selected by people from the industry.

The winners

  • The Buzz Price Thea Award (formerly the Lifetime Achievement Award): Joe Rohde, Walt Disney Imagineering
  • Thea Classic Award: Puy du Fou: Le Grand Parc and Cinéscénie, Vendée, France
  • Attraction: Space Fantasy: The Ride at Universal Studios Japan, Osaka, Japan
  • Attraction on a Limited Budget: Barnas Brannstasjon (Children’s Fire Station) at Kongeparken, Ålgård, Norway
  • Attraction: Arthur, L’Aventure 4D at Futuroscope, Poitiers, France
  • Attraction Refresh: Star Tours: The Adventures Continue at Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World, USA
  • Museum Exhibit: NatureQuest at Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Atlanta, USA
  • Museum Exhibit: YOU! The Experience at Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, USA
  • Science Center Attraction on a Limited Budget: The Changing Climate Show at Science North, Greater Sudbury, Canada
  • Cultural Heritage Attraction on a Limited Budget: Ghost of the Castle at Louisiana’s Old State Capitol, Baton Rouge, USA
  • Show Spectacular: Crane Dance at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore
  • Show Spectacular: The Magic, The Memories and You at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, USA
  • Live Show Event Spectacular: Yo México, Celebration of the Century of the Mexican Revolution, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Live Show Spectacular: The House of Dancing Water at City of Dreams, Macau
  • Themed Restaurant Experience: FoodLoop at Europa-Park, Rust, Germany
  • Ingenious Use of Technology: Animation Magic in the Animator’s Palate Restaurant aboard Disney Cruise Line’s ship Disney Fantasy  

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the annual Themed Amusement Awards were given out during a short ceremony that took place inside the Orange County Convention Centre during the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions conference.

So a bad year for Orlando in the awards but lets see what 2013 brings…




Disney’s Hollywood Studios Confirms Opening For Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow

Afternoon Thrill Seekers,

Disney announced via their blog that the official date for the opening of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow will be December 6th, Jennifer Fickley-Baker, Social Media Manager for Disney Parks stated

Dress rehearsals and previews begin in late November before the grand opening on December 6

From what we understand here at Orlando Attraction Tickets the new addition will be a walk through attraction and will be positioned where the Narnia attraction was based.

Jennifer also added;

guests will journey deep into an eerie lost grotto, where a mysterious pirate skull puts them to the test to see if they have what it takes to set sail with the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow. Along the way, they must face all the perils of a pirate’s life as their favorite moments from the films come to life before their eyes.

I don’t know about you but I love the Pirates of the Caribbean films and can’t wait to visit.

Disney Attraction Tickets can be purchased before departure from the UK and represent much better value than on the gates.



Our Tickets Require Signatures, Why And What About The Kids?

Morning Thrill Seekers,

I’ve been asked this question a few times this week so I thought it maybe useful to post about signing your Orlando Attraction Tickets.

On the back of some tickets, for example the 14 day Disney Ultimate Ticket and the FlexTicket Plus there is a space for the ticket holder to enter their signature, the Theme Parks require this in case circumstances arise where they need to identify you (lost tickets etc).

Where this can be confusing is in the case of child tickets, kids generally do not have their own signature however if you child is capable then they should sign it, not only does it help with identification but it also adds to the excitement. If your child isn’t quite ready to sign a ticket you can either sign it for them or leave it blank, it will not effect their entry in to the parks.



Theme Park Ride Of The Week – The Incredible Hulk Ride

Good afternoon Thrill Seekers,

From now on Thursdays will officially be called #themeparkthursday… ok well perhaps its not totally official and perhaps it may just be me but every Thursday I’m going to talk about my Theme Park Ride of the Week.

The very first Theme Park Ride of the Week is…..*drum roll*…. 2012 best Coaster as voted by Orlando Attraction Tickets customers…

The Incredible Hulk Ride at Universal’s Island’s of Adventure

The mean green speed machine, is one of Orlando’s most popular rides, its unique feature is the launch lift hill, “normal” coasters usea chain lift system, The Incredible Hulks launch lift system mean’s the rider is accelerated from 0 to 40 mph (64 km/h) in 2 seconds, before speeding through several inversions.

When the coaster first opened it boasted the worlds tallest cobra roll (110 feet (34 m)), The cobra roll is a roller coaster inversion which resembles a cobra’s head. Riders traverse forward through an upwards half-vertical loop, corkscrew perpendicular to the first direction, enter another corkscrew that merges into a downward half-vertical loop that exits in the parallel but opposite direction of the entrance. It takes riders upside-down twice.

Incredible Hulk Ride Info

Type    Steel: Launched

Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard

Designer: Werner Stengel

Model: Sitting Coaster

Lift/launch system: Tire Propelled Launch

Height:110 ft (34 m)

Drop:105 ft (32 m)

Length:3,700 ft (1,100 m)

Speed:67 mph (108 km/h)

Inversions: 7


Capacity: 1920 riders per hour

Acceleration:  0 −40 mph in 2 seconds, producing1.42 G’s

G-force: 4Gs

Height restriction:4 ft6 in (137 cm)

Rider Spoiler 

(by wikipedia)

The train enters the Gamma Tube, where the anxious voice of Bruce Banner issues from speakers in the walls: “Everything looks good…I think…I think this time it’s…going to work!” On cue, an automated and ironically calming female voice announces that there has been a malfunction. Klaxons begin to sound inside the tube as Dr. Banner screams in terror: “No. No! No!!!” The last “No!” is synchronized with the launch mechanism, which propels the train from 0 to 40 mph (64 km/h) in 2.0 seconds.

Upon exiting the Gamma Tube, the train immediately goes into a zero-g roll, down a 105-foot (32 m) drop, and into a cobra roll. Riders complete a vertical loop, then enter a tunnel full of mist. The train encircles the gamma tube and is sent into the back area via corkscrew. A smaller vertical loop wraps around the brake run, which is flanked by two over-banked turns. The coaster is slowed down by the brake run before being sent down another hill to a corkscrew and turn-around. Riders then travel sideways through an on-ride camera zone and then to the ride’s final brakes after a helix.

The Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster also has a very loud roar type sound as the train rolls down the track. This is a hallmark of B&M roller coasters, and is due to the unique box-shaped track tubes.

This one really does get you smiling….



Smiles Included