What We Can Expect From Universal’s Volcano Bay

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Yesterday we confirmed that Universal’s brand new Water Park Volcano Bay will open on the 1st June 2017 and over night Universal have sent us further information.

Lets take a closer look at what we can expect from Volcano Bay.

The guys and girls who were the brains behind the Wizarding World of Harry Potter have also had a hand in creating Volcano Bay, the poor loves had to travel Bali, the Middle East, Europe and all across the United States to take inspiration from some of the most beautiful resorts and awesome water parks our little planet has to offer.

The park will have 18 attractions spread over 28 acres of a tropical oasis. Universal have thought long and hard about making their third park as unique and modern as possible.

One of our first goals was to eliminate hassles for guests so they can focus on the fun. So we found a way to get rid of long lines. We made it so you don’t have to carry your tube. We spread amenities like dining throughout the park, so you don’t have to hike up to the front of the park for a bite to eat. And we brought the mindset of designing a world-class resort to create a water paradise.


Universal Confirm Opening Date For Volcano Bay

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Opening a new attraction isn’t cool, you know what’s cool? Opening up an entire new park now that’s cool and in 2017 that’s exactly what Universal will be doing.

volcano bay

Today in New Orleans at IPW (International Pow Wow) Universal confirmed that Volcano Bay will open on the 1st June 2017!!!

Universal also confirmed that the park will feature 18 attractions although didn’t go in to details, they did mentioned that they’ve looked in to ways of reducing queue times (we took a guess at this last year) and complete remove the need for visitors to carry water tubes.

At the moment full details haven’t been released but we’re expecting an update over night.

UPDATE: Full details were released, click here for more Volcano Bay news.

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What We Hope Universal’s Volcano Bay May Include

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As I’m sure regular readers of the blog are aware 2017 will see the opening of a brand new water park, Volcano Bay. The Universal owned property which will replace Wet N’ Wild as Universals official water park still hasn’t been given an exact opening date, although we are expecting news in June when the industry gathers at POW WOW.

Universal have promised that the new park will feature radically-innovative attractions, peaceful moments of relaxation and an experience that we hope will change the way guests think about water theme parks.

Hmm… very interesting, although it doesn’t really tell us much. So what I did was ask around OAT hq and hit up our facebook friends to ask what their hopes for the park are.

Here’s what we came up with;


Here’s what I’m thinking… A Tube ride meets Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts! The trend in attractions at the moment seems to be for a 3D rides, take a look at Universal’s next big release Skull Island: Reign of Kong which is another 3d based ride. So could Universal be looking to create the very first 3D tube ride!?

volcano bay

Multi Passenger Rides

One of the best things about Wet N’ Wild is the sheer amount of multi person rides it has in the park. Hitting a water park with my family and being able to share the experience together gave Wet n’ Wild a special place in my heart. I hope Volcano Bay offers the same.

Rumour: I’ve heard that Universal are looking to introduce a couple of never before seen raft rides!!!

Active Volcano

You know when you’re at a water park and a horn sounds, it generally means the wave pool is about to kick off. I’m hoping Universal have something similar planned for the Volcano.

With the Volcano being the focal point of the park you’d hope Universal would come up with something pretty special and a regular active volcano (not lava) would be something to see. It could have the same reaction as the dragon at Diagon Alley.

Late night opening

Rumour has it that Universal maybe looking to open Volcano Bay later than your average park and some filings seem to suggest Universal may introduce glowing sand! Imagine how great that would look!?


Universal at the moment are the kings of theming. From Potter to Skull Island: Reign of Kong Universal are knocking it out of the park and I’d imagine Volcano Bay will follow suit.

I’m hoping for mouth dropping design that also include interactive elements, taking inspiration from the interactive wands at the Wizarding Worlds it would be cool to be able to say speak to an Easter Islands head, think night of the Museum.

What would you like to see at Volcano Bay?

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Universal Expecting Big Things From Volcano Bay

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When Universal confirmed they had a big announcement back in May they weren’t blowing smoke. The introduction of a new state of the art Water Park was more than we could of hoped for. Set to open in 2017 Volcano Bay will become Universal only Water Park when Wet n’ Wild closes at the end of 2016.

volcano bay

Located east of Turkey Lake Road and south of its Cabana Bay Beach Resort, Universal look to be betting big on Volcano Bay being a huge success. Plans submitted with regards to transportation show Universal estimating crowds could hit up to 17,000 people on a good day, and it could attract 1.2 million guests a year.

Now assuming Universal have got their figures right (and they generally do) this would position the new park as the 4th most visited in North America, based on 2014 water park attendances.

2014 north america water park

Quite something for a yet to open Water Park, but you can bet your bottom dollar that 4th is there very lowest valuation and they’ll be looking to challenge Disney’s domination.

With regards to the transportation plans mentioned above, Tom Schroder, Universal’s spokesman declined to talk about it in detail stating that it was far to early to discuss parking. However the plans seem to show Universal has been looking at reserving the bottom floor of its south garage and then transporting customer to Volcano Bay using a tram large enough to fit 150 people at a time!

So one thing is for sure, if Universal are betting heavily on Volcano Bay you can bet its going to be a game changer.

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