Cobra’s Curse Update

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Busch Gardens Tampa have provided us with another update on their soon to be unveiled spinning coaster Cobra’s Curse.


On site, the block walls for the maintenance building are complete and roof trusses have been installed. The ride track in the station and maintenance have been set as well. Last week, Busch Gardens temporarily closed down the Egyptian area of the park so they could install underground utilities and pour new pathways.

Busch Gardens also told us that fan favourite Montu will get some tender love and care while this area is closed. Once its re-opened we are expecting a very different looking area.



That winding s-curve motion is what propels snakes forward. Those same curves of the ride track will cause the ride vehicles to spin wildly through the ride course. The more ride track they set, the more the winding ride layout takes shape. You can see in these photos how the ride snakes itself through trenches and buildings


Busch Gardens told us that the focus for next month will be the assembly of the vertical lift and stair tower. This vertical lift is a one-of-a-kind design that acts much like an outdoor elevator lifting guests up 70 feet to begin ride journey.


I love watching attractions come together and we’ll continue to update you on their progress during the upcoming months.

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