Critter Castaways at Busch Gardens, Tampa

Critter castaways is at the Garden Theater, located in Bird Garden at Busch Gardens, Tampa, Florida.

When our expert animal trainers turned their attention toward some rescued and shelter animals in need of a home, a show was born, along with quite a few four-legged and feathered stars.

Using the same sort of encouragement-based training philosophy our animal trainers use throughout our parks, a cast of unlikely characters comes together to create a side-splitting show with surprise twists that will have the whole family laughing from beginning to end.

Dogs and cats, ducks and doves, potbellied pigs and a few surprise animal stars entertain guests with a spectacular tribute to the human and animal connection and just how much fun it can be.

Show Schedule times – 11:00, 3:00, 4:30

Review – It must have taken the trainers an awful long time to get the animals to do all of this especially at the correct timing, it was great, definately one which is good for all the family.

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