Disney Are Leaving Other Orlando Theme Parks In Their Tech Dust

Morning Thrill Seekers,

It amazes me that only Disney offers free wifi across its Orlando mymagic+theme parks, the amount of money these guys spend on marketing you’d have thought the viral effect of Instagram, youtube, foursquare, facebook and twitter to name but a few would be considered part of the kickback.

I for one on my recent trip to SeaWorld Orlando, was desperate to share some amazing (to me) photo’s I managed to take at the Shamu show but if I’d have switched on my roaming data it would have bankrupted me!

So when I see what Disney have planned for the future it worries me that other parks are being left in it tech dust…
Check out this video from the D11 conference this week. Tom Saggs, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts talks Disney’s MyMagic+ and why it’s taking theme parks to a new level.

Its about time other parks caught on to what Disney have already discovered…. the future is coming!

As always, smiles included…


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