Disney Confirm MyMagic+ Full Roll Out & Avatar Land

Afternoon Thrill Seekers,

Much has been said about Disney’s Billion Dollar investment in its Avatarnew MyMagic+ system, one thing that hasn’t been confirmed though is the full roll out date.

Today Bob Iger, Disney Chairman and CEO confirmed that his company would complete full integration in the next couple of months just in time to start its first quarter for 2014. Mr Iger also confirmed that over 200,000 Disney visitors had successfully beta tested the product.

For those of you who haven’t heard, Disney’s new system is based around RFID (radio-frequency identification) microchips embbedded in to plastic credit card style tickets or wristbands. The RDIF chips can be used as theme-park tickets, hotel-room keys, credit cards for in park purchases and FastPasses.

The major game changer for Disney is the upgrade of their FastPass facility which will now allow customers to book a limited number of ride times from the comfort of their own home months in advance. Check out our recent trial of the RDIF Disney Tickets

Iger also briefly mentioned Avatar Land which Disney have until now been pretty quiet about. Avatar Land is set to be introduced to Animal Kingdom in the near future and although it wasn’t anything special it gives you an idea of perhaps where Disney think the next big project is after RFID.

We’re very excited about Avatar Land, I think that will generate substantial growth down there.

We’ve always been a fan of green more than blue…but what do you think, are you excited about Avatar?

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