Disney Theme Parks Set Unaccompanied Age Limit

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Last week was pretty manic here at Orlando Attraction Tickets so disney kidsthe blog was left unattended, apologies for that. One story that did break, which is pretty important was Disney’s announcement of a Universal minimum age through out all their theme parks for a child to be unaccompanied.

Before the announcement Disney theme parks pretty much selected their own minimum age and Disney were quick to point out that the alteration had nothing to do with a singular incident.

Suzi Brown a spokesperson for Disney said;

the company decided to adopt a consistent policy throughout its theme parks.

The choice of 14 years of age was selected for several reasons stated Brown who went on to say;

We regularly review all of our policies and identified an opportunity to provide a consistent age of admission and address a question we occasionally get from parents. Children under the age of 7 must now be accompanied by a guest at least 14 years old to ride an attraction in the parks.

I wonder if this new policy will effect the age of child tickets? 😉

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