Disney updating front gate technology

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It seems that while other parks are investing in entertainment, Disney on the other hand are investing in technology. Over the last few months we have heard lots of reports about their eventual roll out of the MyMagic+ wrist band tickets (read our blog about it here). However, before we get to the wrist band style ticket Disney introduced a plastic credit card sized ticket – which is currently in operation. More recently we have heard reports that Disney are now starting to remove the old bar code reader ticket gates and have started replacing them with the new RFID enabled gates.


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Ahh, thats all very interesting I hear you say…but what does that mean to me??? Well…what this means to the average Joe is that if you currently have a card board style ticket you will probably have to exchange it at guest services for a new plastic style ticket in order to get into the park.

Unfortunately Disney don’t actually give us any ‘exact’ information on when they will make changes – but the general idea is that the ticket media at Disney is in an ongoing state of change – we will of course update you as and when we receive info.
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