Disney’s Sorcerer’s Hat To Be Dismantled Today

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Today is D-Day for one of Disney’s most iconic landmarks, the Sorcerer’s Hat located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is set to be dismantled to make way for new experiences Disney officials stated.

Sorcerer's Hat

The Sorcerer’s Hat has been a mainstay at Hollywood Studios since 2001, however Disney have felt that the 122 foot nod to Fantasia is obviously dated. Deconstruction of the Hat is expected to take up to 3 days.

I asked our facebook community of 8420 (at the time of this post) about how they felt regarding the removal of this selfie haven here’s what they said;


I for one will be gutted to see the big hat removed for me it was one of the symbols I always associated with Disney however if they replace it with a ton of Marvel or Star Wars material I’m sure I’ll get over it pretty quickly…
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