Dungeons & Dragons Type RPG Coming To Disney?

Afternoon Thrill Seekers,

Could Disney be looking to take advantage of the popularity of dungeon master
Cosplay and Role Playing Games by creating an in park experience? Our friends over at Stitch Kingdom believe this could be the case as they unearthed a Disney Patent for something they are calling “Role-Play Simulation Engine”.

A coordination processor receives data from a simulated role-play environment. Further, the coordination processor composes an instruction to a performer to perform an action in the simulated role-play environment. In addition, the instruction is sent to an interface that provides the instruction to the performer.

The patent describes how visitors to the park can take part in “long form role play” scenarios. These scenarios lead to interaction with Disney cast members who will then, based on the visitors decisions, create a unique experience.

Reports suggest that the attraction would continue throughout the park where visitors would continue to interact with cast members while still enjoying the rest of the park. Cast members would have access to the information and choices made by the visitor via handheld electronic devices called “planners”.

What do you think, is this something that you’d like to try out?



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