Fun Spot Announce Interactive Water Experience

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Over the weekend our friends over at Fun Spot announced a new interactive water experience that will open this summer in their Orlando park.

The feature will have over 30 interactive features and is being designed by Aquatic Design & Engineering.

“We are excited to begin this next phase of our development plan and adding this amazing interactive water feature is the first step we have been working towards for some time now. We have had some very productive planning meetings working towards this new attraction and our fans have been very engaged with us along this journey. Orlando and central Florida is an amazing and beautiful area and we are very thankful to be a part of such a great community.”

John Arie Jr, CEO/Owner at Fun Spot America

“When we approached the design for the interactive water feature, we took Fun Spot’s motto of ‘Safe-Clean-Fun’ to heart,” said Josh Martin, President and Creative Director of Aquatic Design & Engineering. “Not only is this water feature a fun way to beat the heat for any member of the family, but it also exceeds the highest levels of safety and sanitation. The nearly 4,000-square-foot interactive water feature includes state-of-the-art slip-resistant soft flooring, and it uses environmentally-friendly, advanced UV Ray technology to disinfect the water without harsh chemicals.”

Fun Spot go on to say that ‘the new interactive water feature also conserves water using detection sensors that only run the features when guests are present.’ and ‘all of the water toys and spraying elements have been proven to encourage child development and stimulate the brain through toys that move, twist, or spin.’

With all that Florida heat you’ll definitely find me here cooling off this summer!

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