How Theme Parks Could Make Queuing More Exciting

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Queuing hey! Nightmare, nobody likes it, it’s not big and it definitely isn’t clever however I’m pretty sure that the majority of us understand that it is part and parcel of visiting a Florida Theme Park.

Although we expect it, that doesn’t mean though that the queuing experience should be ignored. Today we sat down and tried to think of some ways to improve the queuing experience as a whole.


Interactive Stories

Most of the Orlando parks are great a theming areas however sometimes that theming is forgotten when it gets to the queue line. To continue the story being told we’d love to see more interactive elements to our queues. Perhaps little “in” stories being projected  on queue walls or motion triggered characters with daily alternative dialogue.

It would act as a great way of not only livening up the queue but also placing visitor more deeply into the theme


The parks do put on some amazing shows, we’d love to see some mini shows used to entertain customers while they queue. Again this could be used to make the experience even more immersive. You wouldn’t necessarily need to put on a show you could easily just use a couple of cast members to move amongst the queue adding a controlled sense of banter.

We’re thinking this would have a great chance of going viral and would actually help the parks with some free marketing.



Everyone’s got a mobile phone, it makes sense to use them to help minimise the queuing boredom, some niche little games might be good. Something that can only be played if you’re in a certain queue or alternatively some QR codes positioned around the queuing area that help to give clues or hints to complete a game.

Virtual Reality will become mainstream in the future and could be used to heighten theming.

Coaster Faces

How about displaying the pictures that are taken on the attractions via some large TV’s. This way visitors can see the faces being pulled by riders, it will increase the excitement and invariably lead to much laughter.



I guess the best way to make queuing more bearable is to eliminate it totally… however until that happens you could always take a look at our things to do while queuing.

Smiles included…



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