How To Snap With The Orlando Attraction Tickets App

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Yesterday we officially launched our first ever app. It also appears to be the first app released by a UK Florida Attraction Tickets specialist! Yey!!!

Today I thought I’d run you through one of the features on the app that we call “Snap“. Snap’s main function is to make your friends and family super jealous through the medium of photography. It’s also a nice way to keep a polaroid style gallery of your holiday.

Step 1 – Click on the Snap Button in the navigation bar.


You have the option to either select a picture from your photo gallery or Snap a picture from the app. For this demo I select a picture from my gallery.

Step 2 – Once selected you can then frame your picture within the snap window.


Step 3 – Pick a filter. Give your Snap some extra spice by selecting one of our sexy filters.


Step 4 – Now you can write a cheeky little caption, these can be designed to make your friends jealous like “Wish you were here…” or descriptive as per my Snap below.


Step 5 – Time to share it and start collecting all those retweets and likes.


Here’s my finished Snap;


So there we have it, my guide to taking the perfect Snap on our new iPhone app. You can download the app from the apple store for free by clicking here –

Or by typing Orlando Attraction Tickets in to the search facility on your phone.

We’d love any feedback you have on the app either via our facebook page or by emailing us at

Smiles included…


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