How To Use Countdown On The Orlando Attraction Tickets App

Hey Thrill Seekers,

On Tuesday Orlando Attraction Tickets released its very first iPhone app Yey!!!! The app allows our customers to not only purchase tickets and discover information about the parks but we also introduced two additional features Snap and Countdown.

On Wednesday I walked you through how the Snap feature works, today I thought I’d do the same for the Countdown section.

Step 1 – Press the Countdown option on the app.


Step 2 – Pick a name for your Countdown, mine below is “Florida Baby!” but you can write anything “Disney”, “Orlando” and “Best holiday ever” are just a few ideas.


Step 3 – Let us know when you’re departing.

12032915_10156316613360643_8036185217567272811_o (1)

Step 4 – Now its time to select the background picture for your Countdown. You have two options here, firstly you can pick a photo from your phones own camera roll or alternatively you can select one of the images in the OAT gallery.


Step 5 – If you select the gallery option you’ll see this page, you can select any of the pictures shown.


Step 6 – The last step before creating your Countdown is to select the unit you’d like to display. At present you can pick between seconds, hours, days or my personal favourites heartbeats or sleeps.


Step 7 – Click on the start Countdown button to finalise it and your Countdown will begin.


Step 8 – Its time to start making your friends jealous. You can share your Countdown on any of the popular social networks or simply save it to your camera roll and continually text your friends 🙂


We love this new feature and hope you will too. Yesterday we received some great feedback that has prompted us to begin development on a couple of changes that we’ll release in the next version.

You can download the OAT iPhone app via the app store here or by typing Orlando Attraction Tickets into your phone.

Smiles included…


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