Hunger Games Land In Orlando?

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Jon Feltheimer CEO of Lionsgate has got people talking over thehunger_games weekend. In Lionsgate’s usual conference call with analysts he mentioned that they had been approached about the possibility of turning the “Hunger Games” in to a theme park, he didn’t mention if this was a stand alone park or as an addition to an exsisting park.

For those unfamiliar, The Hunger Games’ is set in the post-apocalyptic nation of Panem, which consists of 12 districts where the people are impoverished and desperate. Each year, one boy and one girl aged 10-18 is chosen in a lottery to compete in the games until only one remains.

Not the usual IP most companies look at when deciding what to build! However when a film costs $78 million to make but takes over $100 million on opening week in the U.S. alone, people take note.

Although Mr Feltheimer wouldn’t go into any further details he did state that they were pursuing the idea. This got us thinking, surely one of the two territories must be either Florida or California, all of which have representation from our friends Disney, Universal and SeaWorld.

If you’re looking to push your intellectual property via a theme park then Orlando (the home of theme parks) must be your most desired location. Just look at the success of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for a perfect example.

So who is the most likely to give The Hunger Games a serious go?


Well I wouldn’t have thought Disney would be interested, ignore the fact that Disney like to work with their own IP, I’m pretty sure that the idea of children being picked to fight in a gladiator style setting wouldn’t help much merchandise get sold. Disney’s reputation is based around children so I’m pretty sure the likelihood of Disney creating a Hunger Games Land are close to zero.

Chances: No chance; 0/10


SeaWorld’s core business involves animals the pure lack of animals in the Hunger Games and the fact this would be a massive shift in identity makes SeaWorld as unlikely as Disney.

SeaWorld do have other interests in theme parks in Florida, namely Busch Gardens which does have a slightly more rock n’ roll feel to it which would suit a Hunger Games Land however Busch Gardens safari feel definitely doesn’t fit in to a post apocalyptic landscape.

Chances: Slightly more than Disney but still unlikely; 3/10


Out of all the parks Universal are the most likely, they have a history of working with other peoples Intellectual Properties, for example Marvel and Harry Potter.

However would Universal be interested in taking on an IP that is definitely for teens and above, they already have a large share of this market and the Hunger Games would do nothing to dispel the myth that Universal isn’t child friendly?

Chances: Definitely the most suited; 5/10

So for me none of the Florida parks are particularly a great match for The Hunger Games, I guess we’ll learn more as things develop.

Who do you think is mostly likely to have a Hunger Games Park?

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