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Hi Thrill Seekers,

So you may have read my Kelly Vs Falcons Fury blog which basically tells the true story of how I bottled Falcon’s Fury too much disgust and ribbing from my colleagues however here I will tell you about the rest of my visit to Busch Gardens Tampa and the rides I actually participated in.

It was straight to Falcon’s Fury to get it out the way but as you know I was a big girl and decided not to go on it. To be honest I’m kicking myself now, I wish I had ridden it! (what’s the worst that could happen?).

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After working myself up so much trying to get on Falcon’s Fury I also had to sit out of the next ride which was Sheikra. This was North America’s very first dive coaster which takes you 200 feet up via a lift hill before dropping you straight back down with a 90 degree drop. The best thing about it is it gives you the opportunity to see what awaits you as you are held suspended over the drop for around 4 seconds before you drop reaching speeds of up to 70mph. I think its safe to say I made the right decision sitting out of this one as the way I was feeling I would have been plummeting into my own vomit!!.

It was then onto the Serengeti Safari, it was a very cold day with temperatures lower than back in the UK so being on an open top truck was not my idea of fun but it was totally worth being cold for. You get to be up close and personal with such large animals including Giraffes, Zebras, Elands, Ostriches and more. You even get the chance to hand feed the Giraffes, there was only one willing to participate probably due to the cold weather but I was happy as I managed to get a giraffe selfie, not everyone can say they have had a selfie with a giraffe.

Next we were taken on a walk around the animal care centre – this is a great attraction and really show’s how much work the staff put in to taking care of all the animals in the park. This offers guests to closely observe and even take part in the animal care experience.

We then headed for some lunch, we added the All Day Dining Deal to our park admission this allows you to enjoy all the food and drink you want at participating Busch Gardens Tampa Restaurants. I’m glad we did, the choice of food was amazing there was something for everyone.

Once our lunch had settled we headed to Cheetah Hunt, on our way there we got to see two beautiful Cheetah’s playing, being a massive cat lover I thought it was a fantastic idea for this attraction. The ride itself certainly leaves your belly behind with multiple launches of up to 60 miles per hour throughout the ride.

cheetah hunt fam trip

I could have stayed on this ride all day…. I loved it but there were more rides to be getting on with and I was pretty certain I would love them all.

The next ride was Montu. This is one of the longest, tallest inverted coasters in the world. We were seated with our feet dangling as the ride started the floor retracted and the train left the station with a small dip and turnaround before heading up a 150-foot-tall chain lift before twisting you back down plunging you into vertical loops, corkscrews and zero-G rolls. This ride is sure to leave your head in a spin so be careful when getting out of your seat.

Then it was onto Kumba. This for me was a little shocker…. It was much better than I imagined, I definitely underestimated it. Its the longest roller coaster in Busch Gardens lasting over 3 minutes and features a total of seven inversions. It’s big, it’s fast and it is hair-raising. It starts with a right hand 90-degree turn out of the station which leads to a 143-foot-tall chain lift hill, once reaching the peak the train does a small pre-drop before dropping you 135 foot straight into the first loop, during the ride you will experience a vertical loop, a diving loop, a zero-g roll, a cobra roll and interlocking corkscrews.

Our day was nearly at the end but we had time for one more ride before we had to depart. We headed to Gwazi, Busch Gardens dueling wooden roller coaster. As this was the last ride of the trip everyone decided to take part. I heard this was a very fierce ride but I didn’t realise just how much until it was too late.

I was holding onto my glasses as I was thrown around so much they were falling off my face. The large majority of people who ride Gwazi describe it as being beaten up by a roller coaster! Sadly after 16 years Gwazi smashed up its last riders on the 01/02/15. We’re all really excited to find out what SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment will be putting in its place.

So there you have it – the final day of my Fam Trip and I did not want to leave, it is safe to say I will be saving up to go back again and who knows I may even be brave enough to face Falcon’s fury then as I am kicking myself for having the chance to ride it and not actually doing it.

Smiles included…



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