Lauren Vs Mako at SeaWorld Orlando

Hey Thrill Seekers,

So I know I’ve been back a while now, but trying to get 5 minutes to tell you about my FAM trip has proven to be more difficult than I thought! I’ve decided to start off with my review of Mako at SeaWorld.

Mako is now my favourite ride ever. This is the first time I’ve been on a hypercoaster as there are only a few in the whole world,  and my gosh it was amazing.

Representing a Shark chasing his prey along the 4,760 ft track at 73mph, you’ll feel like you’re floating. (Well I did sitting in the middle of the coaster). Rumour has it the front feels the fastest! Standing at 200 feet tall, Mako is the tallest, fastest roller coaster in Orlando so it’s definitely one for the thrill seekers.


You’re probably thinking ‘what is a hypercoaster?’ A hypercoaster is a type of coaster that is known for high speeds and steep drops creating a feeling of weightlessness throughout the ride. As you reach the crest of each hill along the tracks, you will feel yourself floating out of your seat, hence the feeling of weightlessness.

Some roller coasters can be quite rough and rickety, maybe even make you feel like you’ve got a headache when you get off; Mako on the other hand is so smooth that you barely feel where the track has been joined together – unreal!

Not only have SeaWorld built in Mako the coaster, they’ve redesigned the whole area surrounding it fully themed to sharks. There is so many more educational activities about sharks as well as the shark encounter and shark interaction pool.


In case you haven’t already realised, I wasn’t joking when I said Mako is now my favourite coaster. You just can’t beat it! I was lucky enough to ride the coaster twice in a row and it’s fair to say that I had so much adrenaline running through my body afterwards! If you haven’t already, you have to try it out. Don’t be put off by the lap bars!

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