New Wand Attraction Heading To The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter?

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Those eagled eyed sorts at have spotted a new patent registered by Universal that seems to suggest a new attraction that might be heading to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Although the patent doesn’t mention the Wizarding World by name it does mention “wands” and the term “wizard themed game” within the filing and Universal would be crazy not to try and capitalize on Harry Potters popularity.


Here’s what the patent states in relation to the ride vehicle;

configured to receive respective inputs from one or more riders via the vehicle interface circuitry, and wherein the respective inputs are related to one or more game features of a game environment; and a game controller configured to receive information from the vehicle interface circuitry related to the respective inputs; and provide instructions to modify the game environment based on at least one of the respective inputs

The patent seems to suggest that the attraction itself would be similar to the Men in Black ride already at Universal, with riders scoring points however the patent states that riders would be able to make conscious decisions that would shape the narrative.

The interactive game ride may also provide the benefit of a dynamic narrative that changes in response to interest from the game players. For example, if a family with small children is participating in the ride, the game may receive input on the player ages to select appropriate game environments. Alternatively or additionally, the player interactions with the game may also influence the game to provide feedback. In one example, the game is a series of puzzle rooms, and the actions that the players take within each scene or puzzle change the environment and allow different paths to be activated or different physical effects to take place


Bizjournals also point out that the patent uses the example of a “wizard-themed game” that could have riders use different wands associated with characters and use those wands at specific moments to score points, competing with opposing teams or to accomplish a joint goal.

In certain embodiments, the score input may include input from external sensors that capture player motion, such as wand motion, and provide the motion characteristics as input to a score determination algorithm. If the wand motion is associated with a particular spell that is an effective spell for the game, the player’s score may be updated to indicate a successful ‘freezing spell’ or other spell has been cast

The idea sounds fun and would definitely attract us Muggles back to the park to test our own Wizarding prowess, with Universal’s Nintendo deal I wonder if they’ll be lending a hand to help create this video game style attraction?

We’ll keep you posted when we learn more…

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