Orlando Attraction Tickets Deposit Scheme

Afternoon Thrill Seekers,

2014 is going to be an amazing year for Orlando Theme Parks on top of the great rides introduced this year including SeaWorld’s Antarctica Empire of the Penguins and Universal Studios Transformers Ride 3D we have the launch of Busch Gardens Tampa’s new drop ride Falcon’s Fury and the expected launch of the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion to look forward too.

So as you can imagine Orlando 2014 is going to be popular and busy. Pricing for tickets will no doubt rise as theme parks continue to invest heavily in new rides and construction and need to recoup funds.

Here at Orlando Attraction Tickets we try our best to offer our customers the easiest ways to secure their 2014 attraction tickets.  One of these options is a 25% deposit with the balance due 8 weeks prior to departure, todays post is a guide to taking advantage of our deposit scheme.

Step 1

This is the best bit, pick the tickets you want based on the parks you’ll be visiting, remember to select the correct year. Currently the Orlando Passport is our most popular ticket.

Orlando Attraction Tickets

Step 2

You’ve selected your tickets now its time to check out, by entering your email address and your postcode.


Step 3

During the checkout stage you will be asked to enter your date of departure from the UK, this information is used to determine if your qualify for the deposit scheme (departure date is more than 8 weeks away).

Date of departure

Step 4

Once our system determines you qualify for the deposit scheme you will notice a tick box appears at the payment part of the page (circled).

Orlando Attraction TIckets deposit

Once ticked, our system will take a deposit of 25% the balance is due 8 weeks prior to departure which is signalled on the page. Approximately a week before your balance is due we will send you a reminder email just to give you the chance to contact us and alter your payment details if needed. Once the balance is taken we will then dispatch your tickets as per our normal delivery procedure.

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