SeaWorld Orlando Creates One-of-a-Kind Wetsuit for Penguin

Hey Thrill Seekers,

I think I may just have stumbled upon the worlds most adorable penguin…

Move over Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid there’s a new model in town and yep, that’s right, she’s a penguin! This cute little Adelie penguin who goes by the name of Wonder Twin resides in Antarctica, Empire of the Penguins at SeaWorld Orlando and has her own custom made wetsuit. No.. SeaWorld haven’t gone mad, it’s actually a very endearing story.

SeaWorld staff recently noticed that Wonder Twin had begun to lose some of her feathers – feather loss can happen to penguins in their natural habitat and wild populations. It can even cause harm to the penguins but SeaWorld won’t allow this to happen – not under their watch!

Penguins need their feathers to help stop masses of water reaching their skin and damaging it. Their feathers are short, broad and very close together.. about 100 feathers per square inch to be precise!! Penguins also need their feather for insulating purposes.

Wonder Twin started to have problems regulating her body temperature due to losing her feathers and this is where SeaWorld’s Aviculture team (the team that focuses on the keeping and rearing of birds) stepped in with a bit of help from the costume department! SeaWorld’s park release said ‘“SeaWorld’s aviculture team set out to assist her and created a wetsuit to mimic her former coat of feathers. The coat was designed and sewn by SeaWorld’s wardrobe department and custom fit just for her.”’ It just gets cuter doesn’t it?!

If this isn’t already the cutest thing you’ve heard all year then please take a look at these photos of Wonder Twin. Awwwwwwww.


The special wetsuit works to regulate her body temperature and acts exactly as her feathers would against the cold water and low temperatures.


Wonder Twin is able to carry on living a carefree life (even though she may be the fashion envy of her fellow flockmates) and continues to eat, sleep and swim alongside the other penguins all whilst looking pretty sassy doing it.

This is yet another great example of how SeaWorld Orlando continue to care for all of the animals inside their park as well as ensuring they look wonderful at the same time.

Smiles Included,


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