SeaWorld Orlando To Launch New Roller Coaster In 2016

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The most enjoyable posts I get to write and follow up on are when a major park announces a new ride!!! So hooray for SeaWorld Orlando who have given me the opportunity to post about an upcoming Roller Coaster!!!!

i love manta

Earlier this afternoon I got an email into my inbox confirming that SeaWorld Orlando are building and I quote;

the tallest, fastest and longest

Roller coaster in Orlando!!! Reaching heights of 200 feet!!! Ooooooo *does excited dance*

Although it didn’t mention speed, ride times or a name it did state;

Something is stirring beneath the surface at SeaWorld Orlando, preparing to rise from the ocean depths and soar to thrilling new heights. Get ready for the frenzy of SeaWorld’s new 200-foot-tall coaster. In 2016, this thriller will take its place atop the food chain as Orlando’s tallest, fastest and longest coaster. More details on the new addition will surface in late-May. SeaWorld is a one-of-a-kind theme park with a variety of attractions including awe-inspiring animal encounters, thrilling rides and spectacular shows. Follow #nothingfaster as the frenzy starts.


The #nothingfaster is similar to the hashtag used by their sister park Busch Gardens, which used #nothingtaller when promoting Falcons Fury.


This email was obviously just a little teaser as SeaWorld didn’t release any further information than that. However more information will be available in May!! SeaWorld currently have two roller coaster Kraken and Manta both are widely regarded as excellent coasters so we can expect something equally as awesome!!

I can’t wait… I’ll keep you posted when I hear more.

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  1. This sounds to me like a shark-themed roller coaster. Well, long ago there was a shark bigger than the Great White called the Megalodon that was estimated to be about 98 feet long in length. I thought since the roller coaster would be about 200 feet tall and would have a shark-theme, maybe it can be called “Megalodon” since the word MEGA is in the word Megalodon. I’m hoping for a B&M Hyper coaster to be at SeaWorld Orlando next year. A Megalodon would sound like a fierce predator to me, don’t you think? It sounds much more fierce than a Great White! I imagine that if the coaster SeaWorld Orlando plans on unleashing is in fact a B&M hyper, and in fact does have a Megalodon theme, the first drop would plummet into the mouth of a Megalodon and would go through an underwater tunnel hopefully. That would be cool. I would like there to be a splashdown element during part of the ride like how Diamondback at Kings Island has. I am too excited and cannot wait for the cat to be let out of the bag in late-May! I cannot wait to hear the full details! I will hopefully show up at SeaWorld Orlando next year and will take a ride on whatever is planned for next year!!!

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