SeaWorld Orlando Unveils Its Five Year Plan

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It feels like a day doesn’t go by that SeaWorld aren’t mentioned in the news, whether its the controversy surrounding Blackfish or heart warming pieces showing SeaWorld’s great work in protecting and healing injured animals whichever it is there’s no denying they’re hot news at the moment.

Yesterday SeaWorld, at an analysts conference set out its five year plan for Orlando. SeaWorld want their attractions to be Fun that is also meaningful, perhaps suggesting a more educational feel.

A major change is the move towards being a resort rather than just a park. This means we might get some SeaWorld themed hotels in Florida however to compete with other Orlando resorts (Disney & Universal) SeaWorld will have to build and they believe the next 5 years will see them do this…

seaworld plan

SeaWorld’s build strategy will seem them adopt a major, minor staggered launch like this;

  • 2016 major release, which we already know will be their new Hyper coaster, MAKO.
  • 2017 minor release, not confirmed but we’re probably thinking an attraction based on its TV show, Sea Rescue.
  • 2018 major release.
  • 2019 minor release.
  • 2020 major release.

The company’s rescue program will play a major part going forward and SeaWorld looks at companies such Whole Foods, which customers look to for natural nourishment and Toms Shoes, known for giving away its footwear to the less well off.

SeaWorld know they are a long way off this but its great to see the company with an aligned goal and new attractions can only be good for Florida as a whole.

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