Seeds of Extinction announced for HHN28

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Today Universal have announced a new house for this years Halloween Horror Nights ‘Seeds of Extinction’ 

It is an original story in which the human race has been wiped from existence by a cataclysmic meteor which has struck earth causing a  post-apocalyptic wasteland overgrown with invasive vegetation.

Check out this pic of some of the props being made!

 The virulent growth has swept across the planet, covering everything and choking out civilization within moments, creating a tableau of what once was. What appears to be a lush and green graveyard hides the most terrifying and hungry meat eaters. Predatory plants of all species use strangling vines, razor-sharp thorns, and poisonous pollens to encroach from all sides as you invade this new world.

Universal have mentioned to keep an eye out for hidden hints and nods to past Halloween Horror Nights event years. Here are some pics to ‘wet the appetite’ what past houses / scare zones can you see hints of?

Not long now until HHN starts on the 14th September!! Are you excited for this one??

Screams included,


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