Star Wars Features We Could See Very Soon

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Disney’s huge confirmation that they will be building a dedicated Star Wars Land was dampened slightly by the lack of information regarding an opening date. The only clue regarding any kind of timescale came from Imagineer Scott Trowbridge who stated the project would…

take some time

Unlike some theme parks, Universal for example, Disney like to let their plans be known even if the actual product won’t be available for years. However Disney did let us know that some Star Wars themed attractions will be opening sooner than later.

Star Wars Launch Bay: Is an interactive experience, which will be housed at the  former Animation pavilion space at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Star Wars Launch Bay will include character meet and greets, exhibits themed to the new Star Wars films, and new stores. It will open later this year on both coasts.


Season of the Force: A new limited-time event that will run at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, beginning in 2016, it will include a Star Wars-themed fireworks show, extended meet and greets, street attractions plus special food and merchandise.


On top of this, Disney will also be updating its Star Tours attraction with new destinations and characters from the upcoming Star Wars films. Time frame for this would coincide with the new film, so towards the end of this year.

Think it’s a good excuse to get my Star Wars box set out and start some research!

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