Halloween Horror Nights 25 announce more houses! Plus the return of a classic!

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Universal Orlando have announced more amazing houses for Halloween Horror Nights 25! AND they are bringing back a classic – An American Werewolf in London!!! This house first appeared in 2013 and was an instant hit. Universal, working closely with  film Director John Landis produced one of the most authentic and scary experiences to date – I was lucky enough to visit the house back in 2013 – read about it here. But for those not familiar here’s the lowdown;

An American Werewolf in London

The retelling of the classic 1981 John Landis horror film, An American Werewolf in London.

You’ll find yourself back on the English moors as you fend off attacks and witness the bone-crunching transformations. The best part? The wolf pack has expanded, and they’re going to be even more ferocious with a whole new look.

If that wasn’t already good enough Universal have announced even more  original content houses

Jack presents: 25 years of Monsters and Mayhem

Monsters and mayhem

Jack is back and he invites you to join him for the ultimate reunion in horror. Universal classic monsters will attack from the shadows, meat-grinding maniacs will rip every scream from your throat, and ghosts of Horror Nights past will stalk you around every corner. You’ll find yourself dying to get in and relive your most haunting memories of the past 25 years of Halloween Horror Nights.

RUN: Blood, Sweat and Fears

Run: Blood, sweat and fearsCongratulations! You’ve been selected to be one of the lucky contestants on RUN, the most popular and brutal television show in the world. In this house, you’ll have to try and avoid the skilled assassins known as Reapers as you work through “death obstacles” designed to mangle and shred—all for the amusement of the audience watching from home. And good news: the now run-down Hellgate Prison has been selected as the battleground. Good luck!

Asylum in Wonderland 3D

Asylum in Wonderland

A new volume of Scary Tales has been released by Ultra Violent Comics: “Asylum in Wonderland”. This time around, you’ll follow the white rabbit through the looking glass and into a murderous 3-D Wonderland. All of the beloved characters will come to life in this chaotic world with an insane, nightmarish twist. You’ll be left asking one question: Is it all really in Alice’s mind? Or are the images you see real enough to kill you?

Body Collectors: Recollections 

Body collectorsThey have returned. The Body Collectors are on the hunt for the human parts they so desperately need. Emerging from the darkness on a cold, winter night, they descended upon the unknowing inhabitants of Shadybrook Asylum. Get ready to face their sharpened blades as the screams of their recent victims echo throughout the halls.

Here are the previously announced houses;

WOW, these additions complete an amazing line up for this years event and best of all there is still time to be part of it;

Orlando Attraction Tickets offers 2 ticket types that cover entry into Halloween Horror Nights;

The is event is strictly ticketed and is not suitable for children.

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My Review: Universals Halloween Horror Nights 23

Hi Thrill Seekers,

What evil has taken root at Halloween Horror Nights 23


As the sun sets in the beautiful Orlando sky something terrible starts to emerge at street level. Suddenly Universal Studios is not such a happy place to be. You can hear eerie music in the distance as mist and fog start to roll into the streets, suddenly you think you’ve just seen a zombie lurking at the corner only to be terrified as you realise there are many walking among the crowds!

Yes its fair to say that Universal have not heard of the term ‘less is more’ as clearly their philosophy, when it comes to putting together an amazing experience, is ‘more, more, more’

This year I was lucky enough to be invited by Universal to experience Halloween Horror Nights 23 at Universal Studios. I sort of new what to expect but what I didnt expect was the sheer size and scale of this amazing experience.

The first thing that struck me upon arrival was the size of the crowd waiting to get inside. I am talking thousands of people. It was like queuing up to see your favorite band. The entrance to Universal Studios was just a sea of people all just itching to get inside. I spoke to lots of people waiting outside, some were looking forward to their first HHN (like me) but many were seasoned Halloween Horror Night pro’s that come back year after year – specifically for this event! Its only then do you start to realize why Universals HHN is consistently voted the #1 Halloween event.

Once inside you get to see just what all the fuss is about. The streets are filled with scary sounds, screams, mist and fog, zombies, chainsaw carrying psychos and more. Throughout the streets there are ‘scare zones’ clearly marked out. When in a scare zone you can expect to meet a zombie or two! But don’t show fear as you’ll only fuel their fire!!!


The zombies do an amazing job of blending into a crowd. You’ll be walking down a street only for the guy in front of you (who turns out to be a zombie) to suddenly turn around and scare the brown stuff out of you! At least 4 or 5 times I shrieked like a girl.

Through out the street you can also stop and buy things like, t-shirts and other merchandise, Vodka jelly shots in a syringe or a blood curdling cocktail in a blood bag – all on sale by your friendly neighborhood zombie of course.

Here are a few of my favorite houses

The Walking Dead

walking dead house

Based on AMC’s popular TV series this house was getting huge props as one of the highlights. Built within one of Universals sound stages this was one of the bigger mazes. I was expecting there to be a lot more room in this house, however there were lots of little alleys to negotiate with twists and turns packed with zombies just waiting for their chance to jump out and terrify you. There was even one alley which you had to duck down to get through which just added to the claustrophobic feeling of this maze. If you are a fan of the Walking dead you’ll recognise some scenes from he show. Scenes like human heads in an aquarium and a prison scene where guards try frantically to keep the zombies at bay.

The Cabin In The Woods

HHN Cabin in the woods

This maze, based on the film, was one of the more scary houses. As you wondered through the house you couldn’t help but feel really creep-ed out buy the ‘help, help us’ pleas from the tortured victims inside. Those victims wait inside for their chance to scare you, one thing I didn’t expect was there to be people above you trying to claw at you as you walked past. Probably the most disturbing scene in this house is a surgeon who is seen mutilating one of the poor victims. Towards the end of the house you enter the surveillance room where you get to glimpse various screens showing the horrors that had befallen the victims of The Cabin in the Woods. Incidentally, this house scared one of my friends so much that they refused to do any others! I think that’s probably the best compliment that Universal could have asked for 🙂

Evil Dead

evil dead

Sticking pretty close the the principal story of the film. 5 friends head to a remote cabin in the woods (yeah, bit like cabin in the woods but not cabin in the woods) where they discover the book of the dead and unwittingly summon up demons living in the nearby woods! If you have seen the film you will recognise the story being told. This house is situated in a Universal sound studio so there is plenty of audio to help creep you out just a little bit more. Audio like thunder and lightning. There are some pretty disturbing scenes to be had including a possessed victim eating flesh and a girl sawing off her arm! yikes! Oh and look out for a demonic girl trying to break out of a hatch in the floor – classic!

An American Werewolf in London

American Werewolf in London

This has to be my favorite house! I think I enjoyed this house best because I’d recently been at a Universal Screening of the film which also included a Q&A with Director John Landis. The house follows the story of the film with epic detail…you enter through the Slaughtered Lamb Pub and then flow through some classic scenes such as David being haunted in the cinema, the werewolf attack on the London underground and final scenes where the wolf tries to attack you as you turn a corner. Some scenes are pretty creepy, such as the werewolf feeding on its victims. This house, for me, was the highlight, very true to the film in the classic sense of horror! and you even exit the house to the sound of the song Blue Moon!

La Llorona

la llorona

Based on a Mexican urban legend. La llorona (The weeping widow) tells the story of a beautiful woman by the name of Maria who drowns her children in order to be with the man that she loved, but is then rejected by him. Eventually drowning herself she is challenged at the gates of heaven as to the whereabouts of her children, she is not permitted to enter the afterlife until she has found them. So now she wonders the banks of the river searching for the souls of her children. This house actually creep-ed me out the most, it was so chilling. Statues come to life as you pass by, crying can be heard throughout the house. You even pass by a river and can see the bodies of the drowned children. If I had to say which house scared me the most, hands down…its this house!

Final thoughts…

Overall I was extremely impressed with Halloween Horror Nights. If you are ever in Orlando while its on you just have to go and see it. Its not just Halloween on steroids! it’s also one of the best nights out you’ll ever have. Many try to imitate the success that Universal have had with Halloween Horror Nights but I think they forget that making movies, with amazing special effects is Universals business which is apparent in the amazing detail put into everything you see, hear and run away from at Halloween Horror Nights.

My Halloween Horror Night Tips

Get there early! By the middle of the evening the park is probably as full as its gonna get. I saw many wait times to get into the houses at 90-100 minutes. So get their early to visit the houses you want, then just enjoy the street experience.

If the houses are based on films then Watch those films. By doing a little research on the houses you’ll appreciate just how much detail Universal put in.I watched Evil Dead and An American Werewolf in London and read up on La llorina before visiting and really found it enhanced my experience.

Take your time! The temptation when your walking through the house is to keep moving and rush through – Dont! its OK to have a look around, you’ll discover loads of detail. Remember you probably queued up for ages to get in so make the most of it.

Catch a show. I watched Bill and Teds Excellent Halloween Adventure. Party on as Bill and Ted poke fun at all the biggest celebrity antics and news of the year. Its a really funny show, a little ‘American-centric’ so you might not get all the gags…but they do make up for this with some scantily clad dancers 🙂


The other show on this year was The Rocky Horror Picture Show so you can Rock out to clips from the classic cult film with your favorite Transvestite, live tribute performers, and audience participants.

Click the following link to view some pictures from the first first week of Halloween Horror Nights 23

You can still buy tickets for this years Halloween Horror Nights. Please visit Orlando Attraction Tickets for details.

If you’ve been this year, we’d love to hear what you thought and what was your favorite house.

Smiles…and screams included…


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What Happened When Orlando Attraction Tickets Saw An American Werewolf in London?

Hi Thrill Seekers,

One of the great things about working for Orlando Attraction TicketsAmerican Werewolf in London (apart from writing this blog) is that occasionally we get invited to some cool things… Last week I got invited to one of these cool things…

To celebrate Halloween Horror Nights Universal invited me down to their office in London to watch “An American Werewolf in London” the classic film Directed by John Landis (famous for also Directing Michael Jackson’s Thriller Video). When you’re a big company like Universal you of course have your own personal cinema, actually Universal have two!

As Universal announced that American Werewolf in London would indeed be one of the houses this year it seemed very apt to come and view a film that I hadn’t watched since I was young, actually I was far too young and it scared the bejesus out of me!

It was also a good chance to catch up with our friends at Universal, but the real treat was the promise of a Skype chat with Universal’s Creative Director, Michael Aiello.

As can happen when we rely upon technology the scheduled Skype chat hit a few problems, so instead of us sitting in silence, we sat back and watched the film. I’ve got to say I’m a bit of a John Landis fan and I love American Werewolf! The film, although a little dated in appearance and technology loses nothing in suspense and storytelling. So I was quite happy to sit and watch. The part that got a laugh from most of the crowd (about 35 of us) was when the characters took a taxi ride in London which only cost £1.50 🙂

When the film had finished the Universal bods had worked some magic and the Skype connection was fixed. On the same giant screen we’d just watched “An American Werewolf in London” on, appeared Michael Aiello sat in front of his computer with a big beaming smile. Michael welcomed us and spoke a little about what we could expect from Halloween Horror Nights 23 and confirmed some of the houses we could expect including a little more information about the unique content they’d been working on including La Llorona (which they seem to be very excited about), Havoc 2: Derailed and Afterlife: Death’s Vengeance.

He mentioned how they’d just taken delivery of a tank (as you do) and that he thought this years Halloween Horror Nights would be up there with the best. Mike explained how they use a mixture of staging to guarantee that visitors (victims) are guided in the right direction to maximise the suspense and how the houses and mazes aren’t just visual but also stimulate all the senses including smell, he went on to graphically describe the sort of things you could expect…. I lost any appetite I may of had.

However the house he seemed most proud of was of course the film we’d just watched “An American Werewolf in London” he explained how they had worked closely with John Landis to create the maze, he stated that the actual soundtrack used within the film for such things as the Wolf’s howl would also be used in the maze and confirmed that the iconic scene where David first turns would feature and that they had used the same process to recreate it.

Mike then mentioned that John Landis himself was meant to Skype in to talk to us about the collaboration but due to the technical issue’s he couldn’t….. a collective “Oooooooh” echoed around the room….

But luckily he happened to be in London…. and he’s behind you!

We all turned to see that John Landis was indeed sat at the back on the cinema and had apparently been there all the time! John came down to the front and began to explain how Universal had wanted to do a version of his film for a while now and how happy he was with Mikes plans, the way he had stayed true to the original and how amazing the rest of Halloween Horror Nights was going to be.

John confirmed that Mike had sent him video clips of the maze and that the process of building the finished product had been going on for over 6 months. John got final say on all aspects of the creation and I got the feeling from the two of them that although they liked each other the working relationship may have been turbulent.

The Q & A session had run way over time so it ended rather abruptly but the whole afternoon had been quite surreal and one I’m rather glad I went too.

You can purchase tickets to Universal Halloween Horror Nights at www.orlandoattractiontickets.co.uk we offer the 2-Park Bonus Halloween Horror Nights Ticket or the Halloween Horror Nights Frequent FearPass

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