Epcot’s Top Attractions 2016

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Flying high above the other attractions at Epcot and gliding into a steady 1st place is the extraordinary Soarin’.

Be prepared to embark on a journey of a lifetime visiting some of the worlds coolest places. You’ll literally soar over mountains, waterfalls and many more wonders of the world such as the Great Wall of China and Iguazu Falls. Soarin’ will make you feel as though you are actually hang gliding!


You’ll experience the flight from 40 feet in the air surrounded by beautiful panoramas and a 180 degree, 80 foot IMAX projection dome.

Soarin’ is a very lifelike but at the same time surreal experience at Epcot and as our thrill seekers have voted it as the top attraction you should make sure you don’t miss it on your visit!

Second Place: Test Track – The word ‘cool’ just doesn’t cover this attraction. You get to design your own concept car and then put it to the test. The track is almost a mile long and you’ll reach speeds of up to 65mph!

Third Place: Mission: SPACE – You will get to become part of a astronaut crew, dodging meteors and zooming around the moon in your very own vessel.


Fourth Place: Mission: SPACE Advanced Training Lab – This will add to your astronaut training, take part in 4 different activities such as Mission: SPACE Race, Expedition Mars, Space Base and Postcards from Space.

Fifth Place: The Seas With Nemo And Friends – You’ll be joining Marlin and Dory on their search for Nemo. Jump on board your “clamobile” and along the way you will meet characters such as Mr.Ray, Bruce and Crush.

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Frozen Ever After At Disney’s Epcot

Hey Thrill Seekers,

You might of heard of a little animated film Disney released called Frozen… it turned out to be quite popular. Disney have been planning to take advantage of its popularity by incorporating an attraction into one of its parks.

Today an article in the Wall Street Journal (and quoted across the internet) appears to have released the first concept image of the ride, not only that but it also revealed the name of the attraction Frozen Ever After

frozen-ride-concept-artThe WSJ stated;

Disney Imagineers who designed the ride recently got a virtual-reality tour at a warehouse in Glendale, Calif., wearing 3-D glasses while watching high-definition images of Olaf and Sven horsing around, Grandpappy Troll telling a magical story and Elsa belting out her song “Let It Go.” They will become animatronic characters that Epcot visitors float by on a log after “Frozen Ever After” opens next year.

As we reported Frozen Ever After is replacing Maelstrom at Epcot and getting a sprinkle of magic to transform it into Arendelle in the middle of summer. The queue will include Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post with steamy windows from the sauna. It is reported that during the ride guests will encounter all their favorite Frozen characters – including Anna, Elsa, Kristof, Olaf and Sven.

When we find out more, you guys will be the first to know.

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