Disney Gate And Parking Prices Set To Rise

Morning Thrill Seekers,

When Universal increased their gate prices last month I remarked disney price increasethat it would only be a matter of time until Disney followed suit, low and behold over the weekend Disney announced wholesale price increases for all Disney parks.

For the first time ever Disney have increased the price of a one day ticket for Magic Kingdom above the cost of its other parks, in the past all one day tickets have been the same.

  • A 1 day ticket for Magic Kingdom, rises from $89 to $95 all the other parks will rise to $90.

Other price increases include

  • A four-day base ticket allowing access to one park per day rises from $256 to $279
  • A 10-day base ticket rises from $318 to $339
  • Altering your ticket to include the park-hopper option rises $2 per ticket (regardless of the number of days on your ticket), from $57 to $59
  • A four-park Annual Pass rises from $574 to $609 for non-Florida residents and from $425 to $464 for Florida residents

Orlando Attraction Tickets customers won’t need to worry as our UK exclusive tickets offer far more freedom at a more cost effective rate, one rise that effects us all will be the cost of parking which is set to rise by $1 to $15 per day.

Smiles included…


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