Halloween Horror Nights 26

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Universal’s Halloween Horror Night’s 26 has nearly come to an end now. Year after year Universal put on an amazing event at Universal Studio’s and it never fails to disappoint. This year there are 9 houses so let’s take a look at what people are saying about them!

The American Horror Story

This house has been described as the most elaborate house with 3 seasons being included: throughout: Murder House, Freak Show and Hotel. First you will face horrors  in the Harmon residence, then encounter a deformed clown on the roadside freak show before checking into the Hotel Cortez and unlock the domain of The Countess, as she ensures your stay is anything but pleasant. Universal have worked with the series creator on this house to ensure that this is as realistic to the series as possible.

The Exorcist

This house is being described as the most disturbing and I can definitely see why! As the biggest baby going when it comes to horror films, I haven’t seen many of them; now I’m starting remember why! Universal have tried to make you feel like you’re in the bedroom in this house and take you through each of the iconic scenes, including the vomit covered bed!


It’s been said that Krampus is the most fun house out all 9. A lot of horrifying moments from the film have been added into each room like the gingerbread man, jack-in-the-box, elves the teddy bear and Krampus himself. Universal have collaborated with the filmmaker to make each encounter as close the to the film as they could.


Halloween: Hell Comes To Haddonfield

This house has also been described as one of the most elaborate houses. Walking through the homes of Haddonfield, you will be chased by Freddie the whole through before getting to the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital.  It’s a cold, stark setting and there’s no surprise that they have collaborated with the producer of the Halloween film instalments.


The Walking Dead

Now this house is being described as the most heart-quickening house which seems totally legit! All 6 seasons of The Walking Dead have been added into the 1 house to make it even more terrifying. You’ll be trying to escape from Hershel’s barn and racing through Terminus before end up in the sewers of Alexandria. Not forgetting the battle against the wolves which you will be in at the end of the maze.


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Without much surprise, this house has been described as the most spooky one. Imagine watching the film and thinking ‘I would not want to be those 5 people being chased by a crazy man with a chainsaw’, then next thing you know, you are those people being chased by a crazy man with a chainsaw!

Lunatics Playground 3D – You Won’t Stand A Chance

Based on Jack’s girlfriend, Chance, you get to witness her thought’s while Jack’s away hence this house being described as the most imaginative house. Taking you through the horrors of her imagination it’s all carnage until she gets thrown into her incarceration! Brutal!

Ghost Town: The Curse Of Lightning Gulch

This house is being described as the most original house which I can only presume is down the fact Universal haven’t based it on a film and it is completely their own for HHN. All of the scenes are based on the lightning strikes that continuously strike at random before leaving you in the pitch black again to find your own way out!

Tomb Of The Ancients

The most creative house must have come from the fact of the ancient evil surfacing. The whole world is going to pay with the immortal beings returning to man kind and causing hell to all man-kind.

There we have it, all 9 houses. Are you still brave enough to enter all of them?

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Earlier today, Michael Aiello (Director of Creative Development for Entertainment at UOR) revealed the latest house for Halloween Horror Nights 26!

FX’s American Horror Story!

This all-new house will feature Season 1: Murder House, Season 4: Freak Show and Season 5: Hotel.

Here’s what Michael had to say;

Since this fantastic series began we’ve been watching and calculating how – if ever given the chance – we would translate it into a haunted experience. The most engaging aspect of American Horror Story is the fact that every season is a completely new storyline, with brand new environments and characters, not unlike Halloween Horror Nights.

First, we needed to decide how to capture all that content into a single house. The uber-maze or larger template we’ve adopted, most recently with our popular 25th Anniversary maze last year, was the most ideal format.

You’ll be confronted by the horrors that reside within the walls of the newly bought Harmon residence and evade the abominations that call it’s basement home.

You’ll witness the atrocities that befell many of the unfortunate souls of a roadside Freak Show and encounter Twisty, a maniacal and deformed clown performer.

Lastly, you will check into the Hotel Cortez and unlock the domain of The Countess, as she ensures your stay is anything but pleasant.

We’ve worked extremely close with the series creator, Ryan Murphy and 20th Century Fox, to insure it captures the series in every way possible.

As usual the amazing attention to detail will make this a must see at HHN 26!  if you are feeling brave you still have time to bag yourself some tickets to this ‘must visit’ event. Check the link below for details on Universal 2-Park Bonus tickets with HHN or the Frequent Fear pass!

Universal Orlando Resort Tickets

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Universal Confirms Krampus For Halloween Horror Nights 26

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Halloween Horror Nights 26 is shaping up to be a cracker we’ve got Michael Myers, Chance the Clown, The Exorcist, Leatherface and the Walking Dead plus Universal’s latest announcement.

UO-HHN-2016-KrampusCollaborating closely with filmmaker Michael Dougherty, Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures the HHN26 crew aim to bring authenticity to each terrifying encounter.

Here’s what they said;

The Engel home is decked out for the holidays and all of you are invited to join them. From the myriad of dark elves, gingerbread men wielding nail guns, and the engorged Jack-in-the-Box, to my favorite… the Teddy Bear, each room is full of its own horrifying moments pulled from the film.

You’ll not only try and dodge the invading dark elves around every corner, but will also have to keep your holiday spirits up, while sneaking past the looming presence of Krampus himself. Each encounter with Krampus holds its own unique perspective, as he gathers more souls for his sinister workshop.

The excitement for this property, and what it adds to this year’s event, is the same excitement as waiting to see what Santa has left under the tree. Mixing two cups of horror with humor, a tablespoon of trick, with a dash of treat, and you’ll receive the most gruesome holiday gift ever.

Remember, it’s better to give than receive… unless you’re Krampus. He only takes.

Halloween Horror Nights 26 is really taking shape now and there’s still time to grab yourself some tickets. We’ll continue to keep you updated as we find out more.

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Universal Orlando Confirm The Return Of Michael Myers For HHN26

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Halloween Horror Nights is just around the corner and today Universal have named another classic return….


Here’s what Universal had to say;

The original Halloween maze we created for Halloween Horror Nights 24 was a massive success. For fans of the original film, it was an opportunity to walk through the scenes of a revered horror film and be pursued by horror icon Michael Myers.

Just like the movies, we’ve been inspired to continue the story. You’ll experience the final scene of 2014’s maze and immediately walk in-between the homes of Haddonfield. You’ll be attacked by Myers the entire way before seeking refuge within the hospital. We’re recreating all the iconic events from the story, including Myers’ fiery “end”.

Check out this video teaser.

Universal went on to state;

Growing up with the original Halloween, I always loved and appreciated that its sequel was simply titled, Halloween II. It literally picked up the events within seconds from where the previous ended. I found this so cool. What I thought was the end was merely the first half of a horrific story!

The sequel continued Myers’ terror on the town of Haddonfield. And instead of a sleepy neighbourhood, we were placed into the confines of Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. It’s a cold, stark setting, but also—just like the original—very familiar.

And just like in 2014, we couldn’t be happier to be collaborating with Malek Akkad, producer of so many instalments of the Halloween franchise.

I had the pleasure? of visiting the first Halloween House in 2014 and it was by far my favourite, I can’t wait to see what they have in store this time!

You can buy Halloween Horror Nights Tickets directly from Orlando Attraction Tickets from as little as £82.00

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Universal Confirm Chance For Halloween Horror Nights 26

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Last night we saw a little teaser from Universal about the return of an icon to Halloween Horror Nights, today we’ve got confirmation that Jack the Clowns girlfriend, Chance, will be gracing us with her presence at HHN26.


Lets see what Universal had to say;

Everyone loved the return of Jack, so do we bring him back again?

But we quickly realized we had a unique opportunity to elevate someone from “deadly sidekick” into “event icon”—Chance!

Last year for HHN25 one of Universal’s most iconic characters made his return, Jack the Clown is considered Universals best original IP and his return was greeted with much glee but with all good things too much is not good for you… So instead of giving us more Jack, there going to give us more Chance.

Here’s how Chance will fit in;

The aftermath of the carnage is still fresh and Chance finds herself incarcerated for the crimes of last year. With the “Jack in the Box” on an evidence shelf somewhere waiting for someone to turn the crank once more, Chance bides her time within her cell.

But this is not a tragedy for her. This prison is a toy box. It’s within the confines of her cell that she enters her horrific “theatre of the mind”. She knows that the acts committed inside her mind will manifest in the real. Both equally deranged and gothically beautiful.


So, we have two very distinct states of mind for Chance—as well as two distinct looks. Terror itself, ripped in half… the shockingly real and the grotesquely imagined. This is an evolved Chance taking her rightful place atop Halloween Horror Nights.


Chance joins The Walking Dead, The Exorcist and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre for HHN26. You can purchase Halloween Horror Nights tickets at Orlando Attraction Tickets…if you’re brave enough!

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Universal Announce The Walking Dead For HHN26

Hey Thrill Seekers,

It doesn’t feel like Halloween Horror Nights without our zombie friends from The Walking Dead being involved. AMC’s The Walking Dead has made an appearance at Universal for the past 4 years and HHN26 will be no different.


This year, you’ll struggle to escape from Hershel’s barn, get reacquainted with the Governor’s macabre Walker collection, race through Terminus and end up in the sewers of Alexandria. Universal are pulling all of the creepiest environments from their past mazes—like the horde of Walkers in the forest during a lighting storm, which always had guests running and screaming!

They’ll also be tackle this past season, which upped the ante for all survivors. You’ll enter Alexandria from the nasty sewers and find yourself in the middle of the chaotic battle against the ferocious Wolves. And… don’t be surprised if the sounds of whistling Saviors follow you into the night…

You can purchase Halloween Horror Night Tickets at Orlando Attraction Tickets.

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Universal Confirm Next Halloween Horror Nights House

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Following on from last weeks announcement that Leather Face would be attending this years Halloween Horror Nights, Universal have today confirmed that the next house will be based on the spine tingling The Exorcist!


How do you base a full maze around a film that spends a lot of time in one room? Here’s how from Universal themselves;

The answer we landed on was first to break down and assess all the visuals and moments from the film. Piece together every moment within that bedroom and examine why it was intense, scary or even vile. What textures can we reconstruct differently, sometimes in an incredibly abstract way?

The famous “pea soup” scene for instance. What if we were surrounded in the materials of the retch-covered bed? What if those layers of mattress padding literally enveloped us? And let’s be honest, traversing through a vomit-covered bed is pretty horrifying and disgusting by itself. Now add a possessed girl into the mix!

Just like this amazing film, the maze needs to overcome you—even possess you (wink)—with its visuals, characters and environments. It needs to force you on its horrific quest for this young girl’s very soul and spit you out the other side. That is our goal and we are beside ourselves with excitement at the opportunity to do so this year.

Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights is the legendary separately ticketed scare-fest that  will take place on select nights from Sept. 16th until Oct. 31st. Winner of the Golden Ticket best Halloween event 8 years in a row this is simply a must see extravaganza.

This year Orlando Attraction Tickets have created the first combo tickets specifically for HHN26.

Alternatively you can purchase individual tickets;

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Halloween Horror Nights Reveals First House

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Its one of the most exciting times of the year (for me). Universal have begun to announce the houses that will be available at this years Halloween Horror Nights.

five friends

The first release is based on the iconic horror film, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. This 1974 classic is one of the reasons the chainsaw has become a main stay at HHN!

Here’s what Universal had to say;

As creators of Halloween Horror Nights, we have the privilege of bringing to life many popular horror films. Every now and then, we are able to replicate one that forged the reason horror has become such a factor in many of our lives. The original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is undoubtedly on that short list.

Imagine walking around a scare house in the dark with Leatherface jumping out at you!!! GULP-CITY!

Like all of you, the horror fan in me is looking forward to reliving this story and entering that dilapidated Texas farmhouse. The anticipation of coming face-to-face with a horror legend and having my screams drowned by that saw blade is just as prevalent now as when I first witnessed this amazing horror film decades ago.

You had me at Chainsaw!!!….

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Orlando Attraction Tickets Introduce HHN26 Combo’s

Hey Thrill Seekers,

We’re always trying to come up with new ways of offering our customers great value on their Orlando Attraction Tickets. This year we’ve been wracking our brains on how we can help more people visit Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.

Halloween Horror Nights is Universal’s premiere screamtacular, regularly voted the number 1 Halloween event in the World! Its an absolute must for anyone who loves a good scream.

So today we’re happy to announce that we’re the first UK attraction tickets specialist to launch a Halloween Combo portfolio…. Yey!!! From today customer will have access to the following new tickets.


The Orlando Halloween Passport  – Which offers 14 days unlimited access into Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park*, Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park*, Universal Studios® Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure®, SeaWorld® Orlando, Aquatica™ & Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay.

Plus entry into Universal’s Halloween’s Horror Nights 26 on the following days September 16, 17, 18, 22, 25, 29 and October 2, 6, 9, 12, 13, 16, 19, 20, 23, 26, 27, 30 or 31.


Disney, Universal Halloween Switch Ticket – Which offers 14 days unlimited access into Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park*, Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park*, Universal Studios® Florida & Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Plus entry into Universal’s Halloween’s Horror Nights 26 on the following days September 16, 17, 18, 22, 25, 29 and October 2, 6, 9, 12, 13, 16, 19, 20, 23, 26, 27, 30 or 31.


5 Park Halloween Switch Ticket – Which offers 14 days unlimited access into Universal Studios® Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure®, SeaWorld® Orlando, Aquatica™ & Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay.

Plus entry into Universal’s Halloween’s Horror Nights 26 on the following days September 16, 17, 18, 22, 25, 29 and October 2, 6, 9, 12, 13, 16, 19, 20, 23, 26, 27, 30 or 31.

We’re excited to be able to offer these great new bundles. All these tickets can be secured with a £10 per person deposit with the balance due 8 weeks prior to departure.

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