What We Can Expect From Halloween Horror Nights 26

Hey Thrill Seekers,

It may seem a little early to start talking about Universal’s widely popular Halloween event but for anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of attending Halloween Horror Nights you’ll know the event is planned miles in advance. So far in advance that even before Halloween Horror Nights 25 had finished the dedicated team at Universal had already begun to pitch and design new ideas for HHN26!


In today’s post we’re going to take a brief look at what we might expect from this years event.


Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios is easily the biggest and most popular Halloween event in Florida, it wins awards annually and from my own experience is definitely a must do. However as its grown and crowds have become larger visitors have begun to comment that perhaps its a little too crowded…

I spoke to a high up Universal representative in November last year and mentioned this to him. We discussed various ways but the one I was most interested in was expanding HHN26 into Islands of Adventure, although he by no means confirmed this would happen he did state that it was something that Universal were considering!!

For me it makes perfect sense. By expanding into Islands of Adventure crowds can be dispersed across two parks, in fact it might actually Universal to extend the capacity! With King Kong set to open this year and the Hulk reopening in the summer its a great way to also get guest to sample these new additions.

Possible Houses

Always good fun to guess at what houses might be making an appearance at HHN26. The Walking Dead is becoming a given and I would expect the hugely popular TV series to make its customary appearance.

My next stop is always to take a look at what IP’s are coming out of Legendary, Universal have a deal with Legendary Studios  so its always a good indicator. Straight off the bat, they have a couple of horror films called Krampus and Crimson Peak. Not via Legendary but I think we’ll have a Purge presence this year as the 3rd instalment of the franchise is due out this year.

Next I generally have a look at what’s been popular on TV, Lady Gaga’s appearance in American Horror Story made the headlines and also Ash vs. Evil Dead started last year in the U.S.

You can never really guess the original IP’s that the Universal creative team will come up with but I’d like to see them revisit some of the houses from the past, perhaps because I really enjoyed seeing the return of Jack the Clown last year.

What houses would you like to see?

Screams included…


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