Universal Confirm The Shining For Halloween Horror Nights 27

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We were literally talking about this yesterday on OAT Live as a rumour but its a rumour no more…

Universal have just confirmed that the next house for Halloween Horror Nights 27 will the Stephen King book The Shining. It looks like the creatives at Universal will base the house around the Stanley Kubrick film that starred Jack Nicholson.

Here’s what Charles Grey writer and show director for Halloween Horror Nights had to say;

There are so many intense and creepy moments packed in the whole film. So we held hands, took a deep breath, and entered the Overlook Hotel.

I just finished looking at some of the house designs and am thrilled by the story we’re telling. It will be the warped psychological thriller you know and love with our own Halloween Horror Nights twist.

We cast the Overlook Hotel as the aggressor and view it as if you have the “shining.” Our goal is to have you constantly doing a double take and give you that, “Did I just see that?” feeling.

After watching this movie for the first time I remember saying, “I would never go into room 237.” So, of course, that’s where we’re going to take you: all the places you shouldn’t go.

You’ll come face-to-face with the murderous, ghostly entities around every corner. And of course, the best part will be trying to escape the sharpened edge of an axe.

Check out the trailer here –

As one of the most iconic horror flicks ever made with some epic scenes The Shining is sure to translate into one of the scariest Halloween Horror Nights Houses yet!

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HHNUnofficial’s Top 3 Tips To Surviving Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights

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Sometimes its not what you know but who you know and when it comes to Halloween Horror Nights there’s no better people to know than HHNUnofficial and as a (trick or) treat they provided us with their Top 3 Tips for surviving HHN27.

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What tips do you think we’ve missed?

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Latest Halloween Horror Nights 27 Rumours…

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Now that we’ve got Halloween Horror Nights tickets on sale we can begin to focus on what we hope we’ll see this year. Universal have already announced that one of last years favourites will be making a return in the form of American Horror Stories this time it will feature 3 of the franchises most popular series Season 2’s: Asylum, Season 3’s: Coven and Season 6’s: Roanoke.

But what’s next…. Well according to this tweet we wont have to wait long…

Now its good to have mates… and we’ve gone one that’s particularly good to know when it comes to Halloween Horror Nights. The lads over at HHNunofficial (click on the link to check out their excellent blog) found some interesting info from an official Universal site that seems to suggest the next announcement may well be The Shinning!

Yup The Shining… even if you’re not a big fan of horror films you’ll know The Shining… Originally a book by Stephen King it became iconic when turned in to a film fronted by Jack Nicholson and Directed by Stanley Kubrick. Now Universal have not confirmed this yet and the afore mentioned information was taken down from the site almost immediately however HHNunofficial are hardly ever wrong!
Rumour rating – 10/10 (take it to the bank)

Also on the rumour train are an Evil Dead house, this rumour is based around this image which does bear a resemblance to one of the haunted trees in the film.

Rumour rating – 7/10 (smells like a possibility)

One rumour that has been doing the rounds but feels less likely is something to do with Death Eaters at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I believe this has come about due to the technology used in Japan to replicate an attack on Hogwarts…

Rumour rating – 4/10 (doesn’t feel particularly HHN)

We’ll keep you posted when know more.

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Universal Orlando Confirm Halloween Horror Nights 27 Dates

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Universal are killing us at the moment, literally a couple of hours after Abby and Gavin completed our second facebook live stating that Universal haven’t released any official information about HHN27 yet they go and release some official information…

Although Universal haven’t confirmed pricing for the UK market yet they have confirmed the dates.

Event Dates:

  • Sept. 15-17, 21-24, 29-30
  • Oct. 1, 4-8, 11-15, 18-22, 25-31
  • Nov. 3-4

That’s a record breaking 34 nights of horror at Universal Studios, where visitors can expect houses, scare zones and a visit to the shop for a fresh pair of underwear!

Confirmation of the dates and pricing available for U.S. Residents does suggest that we’ll be due some news here in the UK too…

We’ll keep you posted!

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Abby Predicts Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights 27 Houses

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So after Universal accidentally revealed possible dates for this years Halloween Horror Nights I thought it was time for me to start thinking about what houses could or should be coming to Halloween Horror Nights in 2017..

I’m going to start with the obvious, The Walking Dead.. This is such a popular House that has worked brilliantly in the past and I think it is going to stick around at Halloween Horror Nights for a while. With season 7 due to return this winter there is potentially loads of new content to add into this heart racing and hectic house. I think it would be silly to not include The Walking Dead as one of the houses this year, don’t you?

walking dead house

American Horror Story was the most popular house of HHN16 as voted for by Orlando Attraction Tickets customers. In 2016 it incorporated 3 of the seasons: Murder House, Freak Show and Hotel. Maybe this is a clue that the other 3 seasons could be part of another American Horror Story house this year?! If they do run this house again I think they should use Asylum, Coven and Roanoke to create yet again another terrifying house.


Lets take a look at what new houses could be making an appearance this year..

2017 looks as though it is going to be a big year for horror films so I have taken it upon myself to delve into the long list to work out which ones I think should or could become Halloween Horror Nights houses this year.

With the eighth SAW film due to be released this year called SAW Legacy I think a SAW house would be an incredible addition to HHN27. Rumours have pointed towards the return of John Kramer, a.k.a. Jigsaw in the new film and this could lead to some great thrills. The last Saw film was in 3D – this could even be incorporated in the house like they used for Lunatics Playground 3D in 2016.


A hugely popular TV series in 2016 was Stranger Things, now I haven’t personally seen it but a few people at OAT towers have said it would make for a great Halloween Horror Nights house. Houses based on TV series have been huge hits in the past (The Walking Dead and American Horror Story to name a few) and I have heard so much hype about Stranger Things since it started that I reckon it would be a popular addition. Also Michael Aiello (Universal’s King of Horror) is a massive fan of the show as are Universal as a whole as this tweet proves;


If any of you visited HHN back in 2015 you may remember the Insidious house. Well Insidious 4 is due to be released this year so maybe the Insidious house could be making a return.. Universal Pictures are due to release Insidious Chapter 4 in late October so creating a house based on this IP would help build up hype for the film. I think it would be a perfectly terrifying addition.


My worst nightmare? Clowns! Universal took a big Chance (pardon the pun) last year with Lunatics Playground 3D and it was a huge hit. No matter what anyone says.. Clowns are freaky and clown or circus themed houses are always disturbing. With the remake of Stephen Kings IT this year I think that Universal will announce a Clown themed house to be added to the list. I don’t think they will have it themed around IT because the creator Stephen King doesn’t like the idea of horror houses being based around his books but who knows?

Lastly, with the release of Leatherface (the prequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) scheduled for this year I believe a new and improved Leatherface house could be on the cards. The film is going to be based on Leatherface escaping from a mental hospital with 3 inmates along with a kidnapped nurse being pursued by a deranged lawman.. What better setting for a horror house than a mental hospital?!


So there are my predictions for Halloween Horror Nights 2017 none of which have been confirmed by Universal. What would you like to see come to HHN this year?

Are you brave enough???

Scares included,


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Oops Universal Accidently Reveal HHN27 Dates

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Don’t you hate it when you accidently reveal the dates for this years Halloween Horror Nights and the internet leaps on it before you can take it down!!! Well that’s exactly what appears to have happened to our good friends at Universal.

First reported by HHN Unofficial last night Universal sent out one of its usual surveys, to select customers. to gauge their opinions about ticketing options. Part of this survey related to HHN27. The answer to the question seems to suggest that HHN27 will start on Friday September 15th 2017 and will finish on the 5th November; making it the longest Halloween Horror Nights ever (7 weeks).


The very last section of the survey also suggests that there will be a minimum of 8 houses this year, HHN26 had 9 houses so I think its a pretty safe bet to assume it likely to be more than 8.

We’ll keep you posted when we know more and once ticket pricing is released.

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