I’m Off To Halloween Horror Nights And I’m Scared!

Hey Thrill Seekers,

So it’s almost time for me to brave this years Halloween Horror Nights at Universal. I’ve been doing my research, trying to figure out how to not get scared…it’s not looking good! With 9 houses and 5 scare zones, there really is no easy way around this. Taking into account that I don’t really watch scary films because I generally end up crying, it’s not easy for me to decide which houses I’m most looking forward to.


I’ve had a look at the scare zones this year and I would have to say I’m most looking forward to seeing ‘Scary Tales – Screampunk’. I love fairy tales so this may burst my bubble a little bit but hopefully I’ll be able to relate to them more. They look pretty creepy from what I’ve already seen anyway!

The scare zone I’m least looking forward to would have to be ‘Psychoscareapy – Unleashed’.  Based on asylums and hospitals, this is gonna get scary as it’s the most realistic in my eyes. Imagine if someone in an asylum escaped?! This is exactly how it would be! Brr..sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it!

Now on to the houses.

The only film I have seen from these houses is The Purge and that scared the living daylights out of me. I wouldn’t be too sad if I didn’t get to go in this house as I know exactly what to expect. 12 hours in one day that you can commit any crime and get away with it? What is this all about?! I will probably run, scream and cry all the way through but hey, isn’t that the fun part?!


I’m kind of looking forward to seeing what ‘Asylum in Wonderland 3D’ is going to be like. Alice is Wonderland has it’s creepy bits so Universal will definitely make the most of this from the Mad Hatter, to the Cheshire Cat even to the Queen of Hearts.

Asylum in Wonderland

Jack the Clown is a classic at Halloween Horror Nights so no matter how scared I get, I will definitely be going to ‘Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem’ as well as watching ‘The Carnage Returns’. Jack is a character that Universal have created themselves especially for Halloween Horror Nights and he is by far the scariest looking character I’ve seen!

Some of my colleagues have suggested I watch some of the films before I travel, which I’m refusing to do! Freddie Vs Jason doesn’t sound like a film that will help me become braver… I’m going to share some of the Snaps I take of the night via our new iPhone app so look out for them next week.

Screams included…


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