Interview with Karl Hendrie; CTO of

Name: Karl Hendrie 

Who do you work for?: Orlando attraction Tickets

What’s been the highlight of the year for your company?: Seeing our company cement its position within theUK attraction ticket market.

What can we expect from your company in 2013?: 2013 plans to be a very exciting time for OAT – we have lots of web development due to roll out which we hope will enhance our customers online buying experience. We also  have a lot of cool social sharing planned and of course some brilliant ticket deals and packages unique to OAT.

FavoriteTheme Park?: Busch Gardens

FavouriteTheme Park ride and why?: SheiKra atBuschGardens -200 foot up with a 90 degree drop? its sheer madness! I loved it.

FavouriteWaterPark and why?: Its got to be Discovery Cove. I say this all the time but it really is so underrated. This park offers so much more than just a dolphin swim, it really is amazing…and beautiful!

BestTheme Park food?: Sharks Underwater Grill at SeaWorld – The food is just awesome with a great menu to choose from. Be warned though, its really popular so reserve a table early. The whole restaurant is located in a shark aquarium, it’s very unique dining experience.

BestTheme Park tip?: Plan it out! I know it sounds boring but planning out your visit will really give you the best chance of seeing/doing everything you want to on the day. Oh and wear comfy shoes! You’ll thank me for that later…

Best souvenir you’ve ever got from a park?: Although I don’t really do souvenirs a friend of mine got a shark tooth from SeaWorld which was pretty cool.

Longest you’ve queued for a ride?: It may have been Tanganyika Tidal wave at Busch. It was a blazing Florida day so the queues for the water rides were pretty long. I waited about 30 minutes but enjoyed getting soaked while queuing.

If you could make your own ride, what would it be?: I think that a Tron experience would be amazing. You know the bit in the film where they race those awesome motor bikes? – imagine that as a roller coaster, sat on a bike, strapped in, a wicked light show and above all lots and lots of speed! Oh and copyright me on that one!

What’s it like working with Its very exciting, our company is very dynamic and forward thinking which allows us to adapt quickly to changing market forces. During peak season it does get pretty hectic – but the trade off is that we get to sell great products for great companies like Disney, Universal, SeaWorld etc

Thanks very much to Karl for taking the time to let us interview him; as technically I put his Tron idea down on paper does that mean I own the copyright 🙂



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