Interview With Kelly Morris Customer Services Orlando Attraction Tickets

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Today’s interview is with one of our own, Kelly. Kelly made a name for herself this year by being the first Orlando Attraction Tickets employee to bottle out of a ride at a theme park! (The shame). You can read about Kelly Vs Falcon’s Fury here.

Kelly is the longest serving member of Orlando Attraction Tickets, shes been with the company for almost 8 years. She’s pretty much part of the furniture.


Name: Kelly Morris

Who do you work for?: Orlando Attraction Tickets

What’s been the highlight of the year (2014) for your company?: Well there have been a few this year but the most exciting for the company  is the rapid growth we’ve experienced.  Due to hard work and a lot of long days we’ve managed to not only beat our sales targets but totally smash them.

From a customer services point of view I’ve been very happy to play a major part in making sure our customer complaint levels are way below the industry standard.

What’s been the highlight of the year (2014) for you?: I had the chance to join SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment on a Familiarisation trip to Orlando, which gave me so much more insight and knowledge on how their parks are run. I’ve been able to use this newfound information to help customers. It was a trip of a lifetime and one I wont ever forget.

What can we expect from your company in 2015?: From what I understand we’re very keen to cement our place within the market. I’m quite lucky to work for a company that is constantly thinking outside of the box. Innovation is very much part of the DNA here at Orlando Attraction Tickets so you can expect more of the same from us.

Make a 2015 prediction…: 2014 was a busy year for new attractions and rides. Universal opened Diagon Alley and Busch Gardens launched the very intimidating Falcon’s Fury. This year I think the major parks will be concentrating on promoting their exsisting rides…although we may see something “big” opening new Jurassic Park this year!

Best Theme Park ride/attraction of 2014? As I’ve only just returned from Orlando this is easy for me. The best attraction for me has to be Ihu’s Breakaway Falls. Although it took me a couple of attempts to actually do it, once I had done it I could have done it over and over again. The sound effects whilst waiting to drop makes this attraction terrifying but the Buzz you get after is unreal.

Best Theme Park/attraction food of 2014?: Busch Gardens All Day Dining has to be up there for me, they have so much choice and something for everyone.

Best Theme Park/attraction tip?: There is a lot of walking in all of the parks so pack your most comfortable shoes, you do not want to have to miss anything due to sore feet.

Best kept secret in Florida?: If you are planning on eating in The Hard Rock Cafe, request Michael Jackson “Thriller” then sit back and be entertained by the staff.

Some great insight their from Kelly, being a fan of Michael Jackson I can’t wait to request Thriller at the Hard Rock!

I’d like to thank Kelly for taking the time to answer my questions although we’re all still totally embarrassed that she cried on Falcon’s Fury 😉

Smiles included.,.