Interview With Nigel McShine-Jones From LEGOLAND Florida

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Its Tuesday, which means interview day. Today its the return of the original Nigel McShine-Jones, Nige has very gracefully taken part in every single season of interviews we’ve conducted! He’s a good man and we appreciate his patience with us.

Lets get to know Nigel a bit better;uncle_buck1

Name: Nigel McShine-Jones
Company: Merlin Entertainments
Position: Sales Manager uk & Ireland

Get to know you

Traditional coasters or motion simulators? motion simulators. I’m a bit of a coward and don’t like heights. so coasters are a no go wherever possible .

Fast pass or queue? fast pass of course!

Facebook or twitter? Facebook. can’t seem to stay on top of twitter. I need to though, as it seems more immediate.

Fictional character that most represents you? Uncle Buck

Book or film? Film

Night out or night in? Depends on the night out!

Favourite song?: oooh that’s a tough one. joy and pain by Maze featuring Frankie Beverley

Favourite film?: animal house with john belushi

3 people (real or fictional) you’d invite for the perfect dinner? Nelson Mandela, Richard Pryor and Yoda!


What’s been the highlight of the year (2015) for your company?: – So much has happened for merlin in the USA in 2015. especially in Florida. we opened our brand new 152 room highly themed hotel down at LEGOLAND Florida resort. the hotel is amazing, even if I do say so myself. we have 4 different themed to the rooms. pirate, adventure, kingdoms and Lego friends. kids have a separate area in each room with their own bunkbeds, tv and dvd player. There is also a treasure hunt in the room where they win free Lego. guests staying at the hotel get early access to the park which is literally 122 steps from the hotel (I walked it myself and counted!). we also opened three new attractions on international drive. the Orlando eye, which is perfect to catch amazing sunset views flight or to see all the theme park fire works. Madame Tussauds Orlando where are selfie sticks are most welcome and you get up close and personal with life size wax figures of some of the world’s most sought after stars. sealife Orlando aquarium where we will transport you into a magical underwater world filled with some amazing creatures and experience the worlds only 360 degree underwater tunnel . they are at the heart of the brand new idrive360 entertainment complex on international drive that is full of some amazing restaurants, bars and shops including Walmart!

What’s been the highlight of the year (2015) for you?: My holiday this year. I went to Vietnam and Cambodia amazing place.

What can we expect from your company in 2016?: We will be launching a world exclusive in 2016. The Lego movie 4d. A specially made interactive Lego movie featuring most of your favourite Lego movie characters. You will only be able to see the 4d movie at LEGOLAND’s around the world

Make a 2016 prediction…: With all the new rides and attraction that opened in 2015 and even more to come in 2016. I predict that Orlando will overtake New York as the most visited destination for UK visitors

Best theme park ride/attraction of 2015?: Madame Tussaud’s Orlando. Where else are selfie sticks actively encouraged and where can you put your feet up on the desk in the white house oval office? Not to mention ‘singing’ and taking selfies with your favourite pop star and movie actor

Best theme park/attraction food of 2015?: Still granny apple fries from LEGOLAND Florida resort. Granny smith apples dipped in a wonderful cinnamon based coating and lightly fried. Served with a dollop of cream. Decadent and healthy at the same time.

Best theme park/attraction tip?: The ‘start at the back of the park and work your way forward rule’ still rings true in pretty much every theme park. It’s tried and tested.

Best kept secret in Florida?: Swimming with the manatees at crystal river. A genuine once in a lifetime experience with the most fascinating and gentle of animals.

Thanks very much to Nigel for again getting involved with our interview season, you can read more from this years interviews here;

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Interview With Nigel McShine-Jones From LEGOLAND Florida

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Following on from last weeks interview with one of the original OAT legends, Nichola Parr. I thought we’d release the interview with the only other 100%’er when it comes to our interview series…


Nigel has been promoting and supporting LEGOLAND Florida via Orlando Attraction Tickets even before the park opened and has been a big factor in its international success. Here’s his interview which took place in December 2014.

Name: Nigel McShine-Jones / sale manager uk & ireland Merlin Entertainments North America.

Who do you work for?: LEGOLAND Florida Resort / Merlin Entertainments.

What’s been the highlight of the year (2014) for your company?: The announcement of the new legoland hotel in Florida and the new cluster of attractions (Orlando eye, madame tussaud’s & sealife) in the i-drive 360 complex.

What’s been the highlight of the year (2014) for you?: Oh that’s a tough one! Looking forward to 2015 is the highlight! 😉

What can we expect from your company in 2015?: With the opening of our hotel and our attractions in 2015, Merlin Entertainments. we have increased our presence in the central Florida market. So expect to hear much more from us in 2015.

Make a 2015 prediction…: The UK to USA market will be more buoyant than it has been before, with many airlines increasing capacity both from the charter and scheduled side.

Best theme park ride/attraction of 2014? Our very own driving school at LEGOLAND Florida resort. Where else can kids get their very own (unofficial) driving license?

Best theme park/attraction food of 2014?: Still our granny apple fries. Like french fries but made with apple and coated in cinnamon. Yum!

Best theme park/attraction tip?: Try to visit the parks during the week when our american cousins are at work. Avoid spring break!

Best kept secret in Florida?: Just the sheer variety of things to do in addition to the theme parks. Oh and St Augustine. The oldest city in the usa with spectacular spanish architecture and some of the best ghost tours in the us of a!

Thanks alot Nigel, really great interview, I’ve added St. Augustine to my bucket list. 2015 will definitely be a huge year for LEGOLAND Florida, the additional attractions including the Orlando Eye will be available to book on Orlando Attraction Tickets as soon possible.

Smiles included…