Introducing Ticket Rush

Afternoon Thrill Seekers,

Here at Orlando Attraction Tickets we’re all about innovation. We’ve launched a few features that you won’t get on any other website including Ticket Time and our Share The Love feature.

Today I’m happy to introduce a new feature called Ticket Rush.

big-ticket-rushHere’s how it works

Sometimes we have the capability to offer a limited number of tickets at a reduced rate, there can be a few reasons for this including exchange rate and expiry reasons.

This is when Ticket Rush comes into play, when you click on the Ticket Rush advert you’re taken to a unique page for the ticket we’re able to discount, you’ll notice the ticket has a number underneath it, this tells you how many of these tickets are available at the discounted rate (we’ve circled it in red below).

ticket rush pageThe Ticket Rush offer is available until the number of tickets reaches zero. You can also take advantage of our deposit scheme to make sure you always bag a bargain.

So keep your eyes peeled cos Ticket Rush is on…

Smiles included…


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