Step by Step Guide to Virtual Line for Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon

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Soooo, Universal have just released a very handy step by step guide on how to use the virtual line for Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon – the first of its kind at Universal Orlando Resort!

Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon opens tomorrow (April 6) at Universal Studios. The park is actually opening early for the event at 8am so if you’re out in Orlando don’t forget to set your alarms!!

Universal have updated their app and are encouraging you to download the app today to make sure you have the most updated version.

Below is the step by step guide that Universal have provided:

Step 1. Download the Ofiicial  Universal Orlando Resort App 

After you download the app, tap on the image of “Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon” from the home screen..

‘Once on the “Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon” attraction page, tap on Virtual Line and Reserve. The app will display up to eight times available for the day. Select how many are in your party, and your preferred return time.’

‘If Virtual Line is not available, you’ll proceed either directly into the attraction or into the Stand-By line, if available. The app is the simplest and easiest way to access Virtual Line, but kiosks are also available at the front of the attraction.’

After you select your return time, you can then go and enjoy other areas of the park.

Step 2. Begin Your Race Through New York Experience!

‘When it’s your return time, enter the attraction through the main entrance and receive a coloured Peacock Card. This is where your Race Through New York experience officially begins – the Peacock Cards are designed to move you through the interactive pre-show areas and on to the ride quickly.’

3. Keep an Eye Out for Your Colour
‘The lighting in the two interactive pre-show areas will change colors (along with the iconic NBC chime) to let you know it’s time to ride.

Once the room lighting matches your Peacock Card, you’ll be able to move towards the ride. If you’d like to spend additional time in any of the interactive pre-show areas, just check in with the nearest NBC Page Team Member whenever you’re ready to ride.’

Step 4. Entertainment You Won’t Want to Miss
‘Your Race Through New York experience begins with our two interactive pre-show areas. In the first area, you’ll experience the Memorabilia Hall. Here you’ll find scripts, props and suits worn by hosts of The Tonight Show since the opening of the show in 1954. The second area is themed like Studio 6B, where The Tonight Show is filmed.’

You’ll get to experience all of the following:

  • Replica special-guest couches from The Tonight Show with charging ports
  • Interactive desks with games and Thank You Notes
  • Live performance from The Ragtime Gals barbershop quartet
  • A special appearance by The Tonight Show mascot, Hashtag the Panda

Step 5. It’s Time to Race!
‘When your colour is called, it’s time to ride. Turn in your Peacock Card and receive your briefing from Jimmy Fallon and The Roots. After your briefing, sit down in the studio audience and buckle up for the race of a lifetime. You’ll fly through the streets of The Big Apple, zoom by iconic landmarks and see familiar characters like Sara from “Ew,” Jimmy in “Tight Pants,” and “Tonight Show” announcer Steve Higgins.’

There will always be a team member on hand to assist you if you have any questions about the Virtual Line or the attraction itself.

I’m very jealous of anyone who is getting to experience the opening of Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon as there has been loads and loads of hype around it and it is set to be a pretty incredible experience!

If you get the chance to go on it before me then I would love to know what you think!!

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Jimmy Fallon Ride To Open With New Queuing System

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So we can now officially say that Race through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon is going to open NEXT MONTH eeeekkk!

With a new ride comes a new way to tackle a challenge, a huge one being reducing queues inside the parks. Universal have recently been testing a Virtual Line system that is apparently going to be incorporated with the Race Through New York with Jimmy Fallon which is due to open on the 6th April. They carried out some trial runs on Despicable Me Minion Mayhem recently and are of course going to be using a virtual line queuing system in Volcano Bay.

Universal have announced that the Jimmy Fallon ride will be the first to have a virtual line – with all of the hype surrounding this attraction i’m not surprised that Universal are looking for a efficient way to cut queuing times for visitors!

Basically, guests will be able to reserve a spot in the queue via the Universal Orlando Resort app or resort kiosks and then wonder around the park until they are notified to return to the ride where they, theoretically can then go straight on the ride without having to wait in any line.

If you’re as excited about this ride as some of us here at the OAT towers are then you’ll surely know what while Jimmy Fallon is in Orlando he is planning on taping the  Tonight Show episodes from April 3rd to April 6th. If you’re a huge fan then you could request tickets for the tapings however they did sell out in about 10 minutes! The guest appearances for the shows at Universal have not yet been announced.

What do you think about Universal trying different ways  to reduce queuing inside the parks for attractions?

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Universal announce opening date for ‘Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon’

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Rumours of Jimmy Fallon getting his very own ride at Universal Studios had been flying about for a while and then it was finally announced by Universal and Jimmy himself, back in October 2015! That’s such a long time ago but feels like only yesterday! But now the opening date has been confirmed too, April 6th 2017! Jimmy Fallon also mentioned this on his show (I think he’s rather excited, don’t you?!)

Throughout the ride you will get to see some of New York’s biggest landmarks like the Statue of Liberty as well as sights, sounds and even smells! That’s right, smells! According to Jimmy you’ll get to smell some freshly cooked pizza! 😛

‘The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon’ will be filmed at Universal Orlando Resort between April 3rd – 6th and you will have the chance to become part of the audience! Not only that, but there will be special celebrity guests there too! Talk about a grand opening!



Not only have Universal announced the opening date for the attraction, they’ve also announced their new virtual queue system to be used, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the thrills in the park and less time queuing up!

‘Race Through New York starring Jimmy Fallon’ will be the first attraction to feature the Virtual Line experience at Universal Studios Orlando. Universal’s app will give you access to this new experience as well as kiosks located outside the attraction entrance. You can book your time to ride and the app will allow you to virtually wait in line while you’re off enjoying the thrills and just head back to the attraction when your time is ready.

Get ready for the race of a lifetime!

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Universal Reveal More Details About Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon

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Although not a household name in the UK I’m pretty sure the majority of you will know who Jimmy Fallon is however if not he’s the charming host of the Tonight Show and a bit of a big deal in the U.S. so much so he’s getting his own ride at Universal!!!

Today Universal have revealed a bit more of what we can expect;


Hang Out in Studio 6B
Arrive in the Studio 6B Club in style, and enjoy a live performance from the Ragtime Gals barbershop quartet, or check out some of the show’s classic bits, from History of Rap to Lip Sync Battle. You’ll also have the chance to meet and dance with the beloved “Tonight Show” mascot, Hashtag the Panda.

Ever dream of sending your own personalized “Tonight Show” Thank You Note? You’re in luck! You can play host at your own Interactive Desk in the Studio 6B Club. Here, you’ll be able to send Jimmy Fallon’s famous Thank You Notes to your friends and family, prep for your race with a ‘Jimmy Drive’ retro-style video game, and watch your favourite show clips.

Get Ready for a Wild Ride
After a briefing in the Studio 6B Lobby, you’ll board the world’s first-ever flying theater, which seats up to 72 audience members, for a rousing race alongside Jimmy Fallon through the greatest city in the world, New York.

From 30 Rock out into the streets (and the skies!) of The Big Apple, you and your fellow studio audience members will zoom past iconic New York City landmarks in an action-packed race with plenty of twists and turns along the way.

Be sure to keep an eye out for cameos from familiar characters like Sara from “Ew,” Jimmy in “Tight Pants,” and “Tonight Show” announcer Steve Higgins. All the sweet sounds of New York will come to life with the help of the Grammy award-winning band, The Roots, the musical masterminds behind the original attraction score

Step into the History
As you step foot into the renowned NBC Studios, you’ll get a front row seat to witness the most significant moments in the history of NBC as you travel through the 62-year evolution of “The Tonight Show.”

Making your way through “The Tonight Show” lobby, you’ll also get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see real set pieces from one of the longest-running shows in television history. You’ll see everything from suits of past hosts, to iconic desk props, to NBC video cameras used to record the show, all surrounding a display honoring the current host, Jimmy Fallon.

They also shot this behind the scenes video which you might find amusing.

We’ll update you when we hear more…

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Universal Confirm “Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon” Attraction

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Its been a rumour that hasn’t gone away for quite some time now but yesterday Universal and Jimmy Fallon himself confirmed that in 2017 Universal Studios will open a new 3D attraction called “Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon”…


Jimmy Fallon is hugely popular in the U.S. and is the current host of the Late Show. Now as some of you might be thinking, a host of a late night talk show doesn’t exactly scream theme park attraction, so what’s it going to be like!?

Jimmy himself described it as “Just like Harry Potter but with me in it”. Universal describe it like this;

our team found inspiration in the outrageous celebrity races that have become one of the most popular segments of Jimmy’s Tonight Show. The source material already features a wild and crazy ride almost every week! And since Universal Studios Florida has long been famous for placing guests in the middle of their favorite movies and TV shows, we thought it was a perfect fit.

You’ll rocket through the streets—and skies—of New York City, from the deepest subway tunnels to the tallest skyscrapers, encountering colorful characters, famous landmarks and anything else that comes to Jimmy’s mind—and “that is some weird, wild stuff,” to quote an iconic previous host.

To make way for the new experience Universal will be closing Twister…Ride it out on November 2nd.

You can purchase Universal Studios Tickets from Orlando Attraction Tickets for as little as £113 for 2015.

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