The LEGO Movie World

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The LEGO Movie World opened last week, lets take a look at this awesome new world which is the largest expansion in LEGOLAND Florida’s history.

It was definitely a grand opening with performances, entertainers, characters and loads of colourful confetti!

Created in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and LEGO®, the newest expansion features three new rides and numerous attractions, all inspired by the characters and themes of the worldwide blockbuster THE LEGO® MOVIE™ and the exciting big-screen animated adventure sequel THE LEGO® MOVIE™ 2: The Second Part.

“We couldn’t be more excited to officially open THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD,” said Rex Jackson, general manager of LEGOLAND Florida Resort. “THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD is a key piece to our expansion and growth as we further cement ourselves as a multi-day destination.”

Not only will guests feel like life-size LEGO minifigures in the heavily-immersive land, but they’ll also be able to enjoy some of the world’s most-advanced ride technology.

“THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD is a game changer for LEGOLAND Florida Resort,” said Keith Carr, project director of Merlin Magic Making. “The immersion and theming that we’ve incorporated into the area is unlike anything we’ve ever done. Our guests will have so much fun on all three rides, but the land’s marquee ride, THE LEGO MOVIE Masters of Flight encompasses the only 180-degree turn on a flying theater in the world.”

THE LEGO MOVIE Masters of Flight takes guests on a suspended ride aboard Emmet’s Triple Decker Couch surrounded by a full-dome virtual screen, giving the sensational feeling of flying through a world created completely from LEGO® bricks.

Unikitty’s Disco Drop takes guests through a rainbow-filled journey based on Unikitty and her many moods. Once on the ride, guests will swoop to the tiptop of Cloud Cuckoo Land, then drop, spin and bounce back down to earth in sync with Unikitty’s wide range of emotions, creating a thrilling and frenzied experience.

At Battle of Bricksburg, the only water ride at LEGOLAND Florida Resort, riders are challenged to stop DUPLO aliens from invading and stealing LEGO bricks by spraying water at targets from their boats. The riders aren’t the only ones who can enjoy playing in the water, outside of the ride will be water cannons for guests to spray and help the riders save the day.

“Our goal is to put a smile on every child who walks into LEGOLAND Florida Resort. By the looks of excitement on the faces of our guests, I know we accomplished that today,” said Jackson.

Who’s visiting LEGOLAND soon?! This new world looks soo immersive and the perfect hang out place for kids!

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LEGOLAND Florida reveal THREE new rides

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So back in May 2018 LEGOLAND announced that their biggest ever investment to date – LEGO Movie World will launch in spring 2019 and yesterday they also revealed three new marquee attractions, all going to be part of LEGO Movie World and inspired by the characters and themes from the blockbuster movies THE LEGO MOVE & THE LEGO MOVIE 2: The Second Part.

LEGOLAND are working closely with Warner Bros and LEGO System A/S to create LEGO MOVIE WORLD and put guests in the middle of the city in which Emmett lives – Bricksburg.

THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD at LEGOLAND Florida Resort is the only place in the world that you can experience the pure wonder and imagination inspired by THE LEGO MOVIE universe. We’ve been hard at work, building brick-by-brick, to create state-of-the-art experiences that bring THE LEGO MOVIE to life.

The three attractions are; THE LEGO MOVIE Masters of Flight, Unikitty’s Disco Drop and Battle of Bricksburg. Guests will get the chance to fly on a triple decker couch, see Cloud Cuckoo Land from above the clouds and fight DUPLO aliens.

THE LEGO MOVIE Masters of Flight: Hop aboard Emmet’s Triple Decker Flying Couch! This flying theater attraction whisks guests away on an action-packed adventure on a suspended ride with a full-dome virtual screen, giving the sensational feeling of flying alongside some familiar (like Emmet and Wyldstyle) and some new faces like Sweet Mayhem, a character set to debut in the upcoming feature THE LEGO MOVIE 2: The Second Part.

Unikitty’s Disco Drop: Enter through the rainbow portal to join the fun with Unikitty and her many personalities. This ride swoops guests to the tiptop of Cloud Cuckoo Land, then drops, spins and bounces them back down to earth, creating a thrilling and fun experience.

Battle of Bricksburg: Calling all Master Builders! DUPLO® aliens have invaded Bricksburg to come and play! Riders are challenged to stop DUPLO® aliens from invading and stealing LEGO bricks by spraying water at targets.

Back in May we explained that The interactive boat ride, The Quest for Chi, was going to be transformed into a new attraction for LEGO MOVIE WORLD and judging by the image and explanation we think this one is it!

In ‘Downtown Bricksburg’ you will get the chance to meet Emmett and all of his friends in his apartment, Taco Tuesday Everyday Eatery and The Awesome Shop. There will also be a space-themes playground in Downtown Bricksburg which will be inspired by Benny’s spaceship.

LEGOLAND state that this new world will ‘represent the theme park’s continuing commitment to providing state-of-the-art experiences specifically designed to create awesome memories for kids ages 2 – 12.

Who’s excited?!

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