Disney Release A CGI Run Through Of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

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Disney’s big release this year, apart from the roll out of My Magic Plus is set to open in Spring 2014 at Magic Kingdom and is called Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride.

Its a family oriented roller coaster based around  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Yesterday Disney released this video,  a CGI run through of what we can expect from their newest coaster.

From what we hear a Disney have a large media event planned for the end of this month and have already started training for cast members. A soft launch for the ride is expected very soon.

Are you excited about this new ride?

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What You’ll See From The Top Of Disney’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train At Magic Kingdom

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I’m really enjoying what Disney’s social team are doing with the launch of their new coaster, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Along with the recent behind the scenes videos and their live chat with Dave Minichiello, creative director at Magic Kingdom they’ve just posted a couple of pic’s of the view you can expect while riding it.

According to Disney the first photo taken from the top of the new mountain shows the Beast’s Castle and the Belle’s Village section of New Fantasyland.

IMG_1853-613x558The second image, which is my favourite, is taken in the direction of the castle wall, Cinderella Castle, Prince Charming Regal Carrousel andPinocchio’s Village Haus.

disney 7 dwarfs

As Jennifer Fickley-Baker, Social Media Manager at Disney points out you can see a bit of the construction that’s still going on in this photo.

Looks like a great place to view some of the amazing sites Disney has to offer and I’m looking forward to seeing these views myself.

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Disney Announce Magic Kingdom Enhancements

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Just as I was planning to hit the hay I had a quick look at my emails and notice an announcement from Disney and when Disney announces something I blog about it… Thems the rules!

Today’s announcement refers to one of Disney’s more prominent areas, the Central Plaza at Magic Kingdom. Thomas Smith, Disney’s social media director confirmed that Disney have started a project to make that area even better.

The plan is to add several new elements to the area, including sculpted gardens, additional pathways, expanded restaurant seating and even a special viewing area for fireworks and other performances. I can see a my magic plus link in there somewhere!

To help give more of an impression Disney also posted this fly through video

Thomas goes on to point out that if you look closely at the video you’ll notice that the enhancements will include new trees and more landscaping in the Central Plaza area. The sculpted gardens planned for the location are inspired by the lush grounds seen around European castles and chateaus.

To make it easier to move around, Disney are also adding two additional pathways around the plaza. Also, seating outside of Casey’s Corner and The Plaza restaurant will nearly double in size.

The project is already underway and they expect it to be finished in 2015.

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Disney Reveal More About Their Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster

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This year we’ve had tons of fun posting about all the amazing new attractions opening in Orlando this year, today it’s the turn of Disney’s offering, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train scheduled to open in Spring 2014.


Yesterday Dave Minichiello, creative director at Magic Kingdom where the new coaster will be found took part in a live chat via the disney website. Within the chat Dave revealed some of the exciting features of this family roller coaster including this great video which compares onboard footage of the attraction side-by-side with an original CGI onboard that was created early on in the attraction’s development.

The live chat lasted just over an hour, so instead of listing the whole chat I thought I’d briefly outline the highlights.

  • “The queue has a surprise song in it that was originally written for the film called ‘Music In Your Soup’” – Imagineer Dave Minichiello
  • There will be an interactive area of the Seven Dwarfs queue where guests can sort and wash jewels & enter the vault from Snow White.
  • Height requirements 38 inches
  • Will be available to pre-book via My Magic Plus
  • Well, each mine train is very unique and we wanted to make them look like they were used in different times. When you see the vehicles themselves, there’s a lot of layering to them. While you go to the mine and there’s a lot of rustic wood and wood graining throughout the attraction, some of the wood carving is something you seen in the film and we’ve picked that up. The scale and the character of everything around you starts to go into the dwarfs’ world.

disney3A couple of things I took from this was firstly, everything has a Spring launch date and secondly, there’s a height limit on a ride with the word Dwarf in it! 😉

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Disney Increase My Magic Plus Testing To Include Magic Kingdom

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Yesterday Disney’s Magic Kingdom has become the second park to startMy Magic+ what they are calling the “test” period for their new system My Magic Plus which is replacing the old Fastpass system. This testing period is likely to continue right up until the end of March.

Testing for the My Magic Plus system is already in full swing at Animal Kingdom where the park has completely removed the old style fastPass machines. Although Disney have not confirmed that the testing period has finished at Animal Kingdom it is widely thought that the old machines will not return.

Key Details

  • My Magic+ enabled tickets allow visitors to reserve rides, attractions, positions in viewing areas for the parades and fireworks up to 60 days in advance.
  • My Magic+ enabled tickets also allow you to reserve tables at your favourite Disney restaurants up to 180 days in advance.
  • All Disney’s most popular Orlando theme parks include free WiFi this allows My Magic+ enabled ticket holders to amend their itinerary by using their smartphone while  in the park.
  • You can tell a My Magic+ enabled ticket by the Mickey Mouse logo – click here to view a Disney enabled My Magic+ Ticket
  • Please note that although My Magic+ has been enabled for a section of users a full roll out isn’t expected until March 2014.

More details can be found on our post What is Disney’s My Magic+ and how does it work?

We’ll continue to update you when we hear more…

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Checking Out The New RFID Disney Theme Park Tickets

Morning Thrill Seekers,

As we’ve reported in the past on this blog, Disney have been rfid disney ticketsinvesting heavily in altering their front gate technology. While Universal and other competitors have been launching new rides, Disney has been rolling out a string of changes that could be seen as a game changer in the World of theme parks.

Since July instead of the old style cardboard tickets, Orlando Attraction Tickets has been issuing the new RFID – radio frequency identification plastic credit card type tickets. (pictured above). Each ticket has a chip embedded within it, not only does this replace the need for barcodes and lasers to scan tickets, it also will be able to collect additional data including movements within the park, this will aid Disney in understanding how people move within their parks.

Disney have slowly removed all the traditional turnstiles and information received this month has confirmed that they have all been replaced with the new beautiful looking RFID readers.

Check out this video below which shows exactly how the new style tickets are working.

As you can see the process is super quick and the new style tickets are a lot more durable than their counterparts. As the RFID technology evolves you’ll be able to make in-park purchases using your Disney ticket and take advantage of Disney’s new and improved FastPass system allowing you to pre-book attractions months in advance.

For those of you with the old style cardboard ticket, don’t fear, its still valid and upon arrival at the parks you’ll simply have to exchange it at guest services for the new style ticket 🙂

If you’ve recently used the new style ticket why not tell us about your experience below?

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Disney Confirms Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas To Debut At Magic Kingdom Park This Spring

Ahoy there me’ Thrill Seekers,

Today via their blog Disney confirmed something we already new, that their new interactive quest called A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas will debut in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom Park this spring.

So what’s it all about? Disney stated

In A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas, guests will use a pirate map and magic talisman to help them complete five different pirate raids throughout Adventureland. The goal is to help locate different Treasures of the Seven Seas and fight off pirate enemies like the Royal Navy and Captain Barbossa, among others. If guests help Captain Jack succeed in all the missions, they’ll be welcomed as part of his new crew. If not, they’ll face the wrath of the cruel sea – alone.

It sounds great for all those budding adventures out there.. Disney also shared a sketch provided by their Imagineering team (best job ever?) which we’ve embedded below.

pirates adventure

So what are your first impressions of Pirates Adventure?



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Disney Announces Cinderella Castle To Feature Your Faces

Disney Parks latest marketing campaign will make you, their guests, the stars. 

Disney Parks will have a nightly photo show that will be projected on to the spires of Cinderella Castle in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.  

We all knew that the campaign was going to be called “Let the Memories Begin,” the idea is to show holiday memories being created at Disney daily. 

Starting January 2011, Disney PhotoPass photographers will being capturing pictures of guests during the day that will be larger-than-life images during the nighttime show. As many as 500 images will be used every day, Disney said. 

Disney will also begin featuring home videos and snapshots of real guests in television ads and other marketing, the company said. 

At Walt Disney World Resort, the night time show will be projected on the spires of Cinderella Castle. At Disneyland Resort, the facade of “it’s a small world” will be the canvas for the show. 

Do forget to watch the live announcement here

Pirates Of The Caribbean At Walt Disney World Resort

Pirates of the Caribbean can be found at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Adventureland and is the inspiration for the set of films of the same name starring Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly.

This attraction was the last project Walt Disney himself  helped design.

The attraction itself is an indoor water ride, guests float through an immersive, larger-than-life pirate adventure featuring gunshots, cannon blasts, burning buildings, and carousing and pillaging pirates, all accompanied by the rollicking theme song, “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me)” written by George Bruns and Xavier Atencio.

The highlight is the 14 foot plunge over a waterfall in to the pirates cave.

Height to ride – Any height

Ride Duration – 8:30

Attraction Tickets Review – A great ride for atmosphere, you can literally smell the salty water.