We’ve Made A Few Amendments To Wish Lists

Morning Thrill Seekers,

One of our more popular features since we launched the new look Orlando Attraction Tickets has been Wish Lists. Wish Lists allow our user to create, store and share theme park tickets and attractions online. Its useful for a few reasons, it allows you to build up a unique list that you can share with party members and gage reaction on and also allows aids you in planning your holiday.

Today we have added a few additional features to Wish Lists that we hope will increase the uniqueness of the product and encourage even more of our customers to use it.

New Wish List Users

Anyone can use our wish list feature, you don’t have to have purchased any tickets from us, however what you will require is an account so that we can store your Wish Lists uniquely to you.

wish list amend

In the past we’ve allowed users to login in as a guest (which you can still do) however we want the Wish Lists to look a bit more personal so we’ve added a new field asking customers to enter their first name. Not only does this add to the personalisation it also makes it easier for friends to find if it has your name on it.

Wish List Look

We’ve also made a few amendments to how the Wish Lists themselves look, firstly we’ve altered the colour of the “Create new” button to encourage customers to pick a different name for their List rather than the default names we offer.

wish list create new

Secondly, we’ve added the option to select the image you want to pick to represent the ticket. Previously you were restricted to the default image we use, however you will now notice some arrow icons on the lists that allow you to scroll through images. To set an image simply click on the “set as new image” button.

wish list imageWish List Page

One part of our Wish List feature allows our users to leave notes either for themselves and their party or to ask a question. Previously these Wish Lists weren’t highlighted in anyway. We’ve amended this, by adding a “more” icon.

wish list comments

Finally we’ve added the ability for users to reply to Wish Lists using facebook comments, its a great way for customers to get tips, hints and information from other users regarding their ticket choices.

wish lists facebook

We hope these amendments will prove popular. If you have any suggestions on how you think we can improve Wish Lists please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Introducing Wish Lists

Morning Thrill Seekers,

Yesterday we launched the new look Orlando Attraction Tickets site. It went pretty well, 07/05/13 is now our single biggest sales day to date… I think that counts as a success :-).

Today I thought I’d introduce you to one of our new features, Wish Lists. The idea behind Wish Lists is to help families and travel companions plan their theme park holidays, we liked the idea of users sharing their Wish Lists across social channels.

However like a lot of idea’s our users have found different ways of using the new feature, like this one from Alan which lists his favourite    roller coasters, his list is called “The lose your lunch list“.

How to use the Wish List feature

On every ticket you will see the Orlando Attraction Tickets love heart, if you want to add a ticket to your Wish List your first port of call is to click on the heart.

social OAT

Once you’ve clicked on the heart and assuming you’re not already logged in to our system, you’ll be redirected to a login screen. Here you will have the option to login to your account or create one.

OAT wish list login

Once you’ve created your account you can begin to add items to your Wish List. You can pick a name from our default options which include “Our holiday”, “Stuff the adults want to do” and “Stuff the kids want to do” but we recommend you create your own wish list name to add that personal touch.

To add a wish list name of your own, simply click on “create new” and pick an apt name. You have the option here to make your list private (for your eyes only) if you’d prefer.

wish list

Once created you can add to your Wish Lists or create a new list, via your Orlando Attraction Tickets account you can also make amendments to your list and share them through your social networks.

We display all public Wish Lists on our dedicated Wish List page found here, we hope these Wish Lists will inspire and help other users plan their dream Orlando holiday.

OAT wish list

So why not go make a Wish List right now, we’ll feature some of the best Wish Lists in future blog posts.

Smiles included…


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