What Happened in January For Orlando Attraction Tickets?

Hey Thrill Seekers,

January was a particularly busy one for us here at Orlando smiles includedAttraction Tickets, year on year we were 45% up in overall sales and with certain suppliers we exceed our estimated targets by some distance. We launched a couple of new products including the Orlando Park Hopper and we went live with our added value offering, Smile Alerts, these are items that come free when you book with OAT. We were delighted to be able to launch with some great deals like our tie up with Planet Hollywood. We’ll continue to try and add quality products to our Smile Alerts.

Late in January we became one of the first UK companies to confirm a tie up with Orlando’s only homegrown amusement park, Fun Spot who are now live on the site.

We tiptoed ever closer to getting Kennedy Space Center on the site after some very constructive chats with the guys in the U.S., I’m hoping we’ll have them up by the end of Feb. Apologies for anyone waiting but these types of contracts can sometimes take time to get over the finishing line.

On the theme park side, we all huddled around our computers to watch Universal’s webcast hoping for more details about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley, our guys here covered the event live via our facebook page and also  posted the highlights on the blog, you can read about it in detail here. For me the two biggest pieces of information to come from the webcast were, the name of the new ride, “Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts” and the very quick look inside the Hogwarts Express, the level of detail definitely looks up to the standard we have come to expect.

Disney confirmed a few details about Avatar Land and began testing out My Magic Plus at Magic Kingdom. Disney are reporting that their new system helped 30k additional people visit and enjoy their parks over the Christmas period how it will do in the long run is anyones guess although the idea of a personalised visit is an appealing idea. If you’re not aware of Disney’s new fastpass system take a look at this excellent post from Jamie, What is Disney’s My Magic Plus and How Does It Work?

Busch Gardens continued to build their unique drop ride. Pictures of Falcon’s Fury have been all over social media. I guess though, at 335 feet tall its pretty hard to miss. In a year when everyone is waiting for Potter I think Falcon’s Fury could be the dark horse attraction of the year.

February has started pretty swiftly, Disney have introduced a special offer to the UK market, 9 days for the price of 7 ticket which has lead us to introduce a brand new ticket the Disney Universal Park Hopper, which offers 9 days entry into the Disney park’s over 14 days plus 14 days unlimited access to the Universal parks.

The major thing to remember which hasn’t been explained very well by our competitors is that the 9 days tickets has not replaced the 14 day ticket, this option still exists and is still available via our traditional combo tickets.

How long this special offer will last is anyones guess, I think it will depend upon uptake at the moment though it does offer an interesting alternative that can save the consumer quite a bit of cash.

I believe thats about it, I’ll try a write another post in March to update you on how February went.

Smiles included…