Interview With Gavin Boswell Before He Visits Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights

Hey Thrill Seekers,

The first of the Halloween Horror Nights is just around the corner and I’m anxious to read this years reviews revealing what ghoulish surprises the HHN24 team have conjured up this year.

As per last year we’ve been lucky enough to be invited along to experience the night and of course have the bejesus scared out of us. This year our CEO Gavin Boswell is one of the lucky/unlucky (depends how you view it) ones to visit Universal first hand. I managed to grab some of his time today to gauge how he was feeling about his upcoming adventure.


ME: Hi Gavin, thanks very much for sparing the time for a quick chat for the blog, its much appreciated as I know how busy you are at the moment. So to kick off, are you a fan of the Horror genre?

GAVIN: Yep definitely, I love horror films. I have very vivid memories of sneakily watching “Halloween” when I was far too young and being scared out of my mind.

ME: What are you expecting from HHN?

GAVIN: I’m expecting to jump a lot, I’m expecting to lose man points by the dozen and I’m expecting myself to scream in a very high pitched voice. Obviously I’ve read up on the houses and street experiences via your blog Jamie so I’m prepared…. but I’m not sure that actually helps.

ME: Do you think you’ll actually scream?

GAVIN: Nah! I wouldn’t be surprised if I did but I’m sure if I keep my eyes firmly closed I’ll make it through unscathed.

ME: After reading about all the different houses, which houses are you, scared of the most, excited about the most and feel you might not be able to do?

GAVIN: Scared of the most; Halloween, its the plinky music thats chilling and as I mentioned earlier I don’t think it helps that it scared me a lot as a kid.

Excited about the most; I really like the original IP’s that the guys and girls at Universal think up. Last year I had the privilege to speak to Mike Aiello Creative Director for HHN24 at Universal and his enthusiasm for all things scary bordered on creepy so imagine what they’ll come up with when let loose!

Feel you might not be able to do; Oh I’ll do them all. Not because I’m brave but more that I’d never live it down if I didn’t.

ME: Who would be your idea HHN companion?

GAVIN: Tricky, I think I’d rather do it alone to be honest. That way I can scream, cry and run as much as I want.

ME: If you could design your own house which Horror film would it be based on?

GAVIN: Oooh good question. I’ve recently got into American Horror Story a U.S. TV series. Season 1 was set in a haunted house and season 2 in a mental asylum either of these would make an awesome house.

ME: Apart from HHN what other parts of Universal are you looking forward to seeing?

GAVIN: Diagon Alley! I missed out on the opening this year due to a bad back. So I’m desperate to get there. To be honest I love both the Universal parks so I’m always excited to visit them.

Gavin has promised me a full review of Halloween Horror Nights on his return and knowing him we’ll have plenty of photos too.

You can still purchase Halloween Horror Nights Tickets from Orlando Attraction Tickets if you’re brave enough.

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Orlando Attraction Tickets Goes Multi Currency

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Orlando Attraction Tickets is the UK’s fastest growing Florida Theme Park Specialist but we’re not happy with just being the UK’s fastest growing we want to be Europes fastest growing too.

We’re happy to announce that today Orlando Attraction Tickets has gone multi currency as of 9am this morning you can now purchase our theme park tickets not only in Pound Sterling but also in Euro’s and for those inclined U.S. Dollars.

For regular visitors to our site you’ll notice a slight change in our header, we’ve moved a few things around and we’ve also added a currency drop down box. To amend the currency you’re purchasing in simply hover over the sterling icon and select your preferred currency.


We hope this addition will not only offer our customers more choice but also make purchasing for our European customers even easier. Remember if you’re a UK resident looking to purchase in an alternative currency please check with your bank or card provider that they will not charge you anything additional for ordering in an alternative currency, Orlando Attraction Tickets cannot be held responsible for any additional charges levied by your bank.

As always regardless of the currency you purchase in Orlando Attraction Tickets will not charge you any additional for paying by credit or debit card.

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My Top 5 Coasters Owned By SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

Happy Friday Thrill Seekers,

Hopefully you’ve all had a chance to read my previous blog posts detailing my time away on a recent FAM trip to Orlando, hosted by SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. I had the opportunity to visit all 4 of their brilliant parks; SeaWorld, Aquatica, Busch Gardens and Discovery Cove. I thought I would conclude the trip with a run down of my top 5 roller coasters that I had the chance to experience in Busch Gardens and SeaWorld.

SheiKra at Busch Gardens

Although everyone in our party in Orlando agreed on our top 2 favourite roller coasters, there was a bit of a debate on which should be first and second. Those of you that have seen my blog post about Busch Gardens would have already seen my gushing review of SheiKra, a floorless dive coaster. I think it is the first hair raising drop that makes this my firm favourite coaster of the trip. After a 200ft vertical chain-lift climb you are suspended at a 90-degree facing the ground allowing you to see the enormity of the drop in front of you. You are then released, plummeting at 70mph to the floor. Just in time you are swept upwards into the only inversion of the ride, followed by another 90-degree drop at 138ft leading into a splashdown and spraying water into the air before slowing down into the station. It is best to get a seat on the front row to fully appreciate the height and speed of the first drop. After riding this coaster 4 times I found that the best ride experience for me was on the furthest left seat of the front row.

Why not try it out and see if you agree?


Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens

Cheetah Hunt is a close second in my top 5 coasters. This is Busch Garden’s newest roller coaster experience. As the name suggests it is themed around the world’s fastest land animal, the cheetah. It is also the world’s only triple launch roller coaster. The first launch shoots you out of the station at 30mph, however it is in the second launch that you experience the full strength of the cheetah. This propels you forward at Cheetah Hunt’s top speed of 60mph, straight into a 102ft incline. You then spiral down, like a cheetah circling its prey before dropping 130 feet into a tunnel. After some quick directional changes you are taken through the rides only inversation before hitting the final. This catapults you forward at 40mph into some more direction changes in which you can hear nothing but laughter from the riders until you come to a stop at the station. This is a perfect thrill ride for families and roller coaster enthusiasts alike. I think this is another ride that is best enjoyed from front row. We managed to ride twice in a row!


Manta at SeaWorld

Manta is third in my top 5 roller coasters, however it is my favourite ride at SeaWorld! This coaster is designed to mimic a giant Manta ray spinning, dipping and gliding through the ocean. Once locked in securely by a harness over your body and ankles your seat is tilted forward into your flying position so that you are facing the floor. You then leave the station and climb a 140ft incline. There is a few seconds as you slowly move over the top of the incline where there is no longer anything beneath you, which is where I think you really start to feel like you are being suspended high above the ground. There is not much time to think however, as you the speed head first to the floor then swoop up into the first inversion. Here you’ll experience up to 3.7Gs, followed by a corkscrew. You are then slowed down before dropping just above water. Manta finishes with 2 more inversions, each spiralling you to the sky before flipping you back over to face the ground. It is the unique face-down riding position that makes this one of my favourite rides and as it is the only flying coaster in Florida you won’t experience anything else like it.

i love manta

Kraken at SeaWorld

Sticking with SeaWorld, the Kraken comes fourth in my top 5. This is the only floorless coaster in Orlando and is themed around the mythical sea creature. As you climb the 149ft chain lift to the top be sure to have a good look at the surrounding area as you can see most of Orlando from the top! You then hertle to the ground at almost 65mph and straight into the first 2 inversions. This is followed by a zero-g roll where you experience a feeling of weightlessness, my favourite section of the ride. You will then speed through 2 more inversions before entering an area themed as the Kraken’s lair and the final corkscrew. It is the speed of this coaster and the number of times that it takes you upside-down that makes the Kraken one of my favourites. I also find that being a floorless makes it feel much faster than some of the other floored coasters in Orlando.


Sand Serpent at Busch Gardens

The Sand Serpent at Busch Gardens may not be a conventional choice as a top 5 roller coaster but we had so much fun that I had to include it. The Sand Serpent is a steel wild mouse style coaster that is really aimed at families, but as we found it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. You climb a 45ft chain lift hill to the top, where the track levels out. The car runs straight until you feel as though the car is going to go right off the edge, but you are then quickly spun back around to face the opposite direction. Once you have reached the other side of the track you zoom down the first drop then spike back up to the second level of the maze. This continues until you reach the bottom. With top speeds of 28mph it is nowhere near as fast as some of the other thrill rides in the park, however there is still lots of little seat lifting drops that can give you that butterfly feeling in your stomach. We were in hysterics the whole way down and got some hilarious photos! As it was a smaller coaster some of the others that had skipped the bigger thrill rides were able to go on as well…instead of holding the bags!


So there you have it, my top 5 coasters from my recent trip to Florida. Although I never thought it possible I’m now even more addicted to roller coasters!

I couldn’t recommend the SeaWorld Parks highly enough and at the moment you can get a 3 Park SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens  Ticket for the price of the 2 park ticket, not only that Orlando Attraction Tickets have frozen 2013 for 2014.

So what are you waiting for, get yourself a plane ticket 🙂

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Introducing Price Promise

Morning Thrill Seekers,

Here at Orlando Attraction Tickets we always offer our best prices up front, we include free standard delivery and never charge credit card fee’s.

The company has been running since 2003 and recently won bronze in the prestigious British Travel Awards. You can read independent reviews of our company via trustpilot where we average a score of 9.5 out of 10 for service. We have direct contracts with Orlando theme parks and have built up an excellent relationship with them.


Today we’re happy to announce we’ve introduced a Price Promise scheme, to allow everyone the opportunity to book through us. We truly believe we offer exceptional value first time however if you do come across a price lower than we are offering why not challenge us to match it?

You might think, what’s the point? But there is a point, we’ve been doing this a long time, over 10 years in travel is testament to a well run company, independent reviews we receive from customers prove our service is excellent and our award nominations show our industry agree’s.

I think we’re all looking for security when we purchase our attraction tickets, we offer this security! Does joe blogs tickets working out of his home with no direct contracts really offer this?

We think they probably don’t… Full details of our Price Promise can be found here

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Introducing Orlando Attraction Tickets Rewards #ShareTheLove

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Orlando attraction tickets is known within the theme park industry for not only our first class service but also for our innovation. Today we are happy to officially announce the launch of the Orlando Attraction Tickets rewards campaign.


Our share the love campaign allows customers to not only get great deals on their Orlando attraction tickets but also to be rewarded for telling people about it.

Check out our first ever video explaining the concept;

So as you can see, a great deal for you, a great deal for your friends while at the same time being rewarded…

People who have already ordered before the the launch still qualify for the #sharethelove rewards, to find your unique url simply visit and login to your account using your email address and the password you picked at the time of booking.

So what are you waiting for #sharethelove

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It’s Been An Epic Fight But Finally…

Afternoon Thrill Seekers,

As the title states its been a long time coming but today we finally completed the purchase of……..

We’ve owned the version for coming up to 10 years but the .com extension has always been out of reach and by out of our reach I mean, it was owned by a cyber squatter.

We’ve tried over the years to purchase the domain but the cost has always been way to high, however this year we decided to bite the bullet and pay up… The cost of the purchase will remain a secret but I can tell you it was a lot, and way more than you’d ever hope to pay!

The main reason for purchasing the .com was to protect our brand, we have already invested heavily in altering the companies image and recently revealed our new logo and tagline. A new website is in the final stages of testing and should go live in April, we are excited to show you what we’ve been up to.

Of course the other point of purchasing the .com version was to make sure our customers continue to be able to reach us as easily as possible.

Smiles included…



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What Effect Will The Tumbling Pound Have On Orlando Attraction Tickets

Morning Thrill Seekers,

I’m sure most of you have already noticed but the Pound (£GBP) is£ broken taking a real battering at the moment from the Dollar ($USD), the most recent punch was some cracking unemployment data from the U.S. combined with terrible news from Italy resulting in their credit rating being reduced.

In January the GBP/USD was an attractive 1.6 meaning that if you exchanged £500.00 in to Dollars you’d receive $800.00 back…lovely 🙂

Fast forward to March, and the GBP/USD is a very unattractive 1.45 meaning that the same £500.00 will now only get you $725.00… $75.00 difference!

So to answer my initial question What Effect Will The Tumbling Pound Have On Orlando Attraction TicketsThe answer is, unfortunately we are going to see a rise in prices very soon! We’ve already seen the exchange rate take effect on many of our competitors who have already had to raise their pricing.

For we have a set amount of stock left that we purchased when the Dollar rate was more powder puff than Transformer however as soon as these stocks are depleted our rates will also rise I’m afraid.

So if you’re looking to purchase attraction tickets any time soon, now is a great time to do it. Remember we offer a deposit scheme of 25% which will secure your tickets and price (balance due 8 weeks prior to departure).

Kind regards and here’s hoping for a GBP revival,


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The Journey Of Your Orlando Attraction Tickets

Morning Thrill Seekers,

Last weekend saw Orlando Attraction Tickets hit a record number of bookings, revenue and tickets sent out. So as you can imagine we were quite happy. 🙂

I thought for today’s post it might be nice to see the journey your tickets make from booking online to leaving our offices.

The journey of your Orlando Attraction Tickets

Once a booking is made online our ticket dispatch team is notified, the first thing they do is prepare your order for shipping.

ticket letter

Your order then goes through two further stages of quality control to make sure your order is correct.

check tickets

Your order is then prepared for tracking.  All our tickets are sent via a traceable system, upon dispatch you will receive an email confirming this and also informing you of your unique tracking number, which you can monitor online.

ticket tracking

Your tickets are now ready for dispatch and are delivered via Royal Mail.


All you have to do is look out for the letter containing the smiles 🙂 which generally takes 48 hours, a signature will be required upon delivery.

Orlando Attraction Tickets have the majority of tickets in stock throughout the year. We also offer a 25% deposit scheme with the balance paid 8 weeks prior to departure.



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