More Tuesday Tips

Hey Thrill Seekers,

On our Instagram account every Tuesday we’ve been adding tips to help our customers plan and get the most out of their holiday. If you’re not already following us there I’d highly recommend it, here’s some examples of the kind of high level tips we’re chucking out there…

If you’ve got any tips of your own please let us know and you could be included in our next video…

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Tuesday Theme Park Tips

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Have you checked out our Instagram account recently? The social team have been dropping some knowledge there in little 15 sec videos.

The snappily named Tuesday Tips depicts our very own bevvy of beauties offering tips for your Orlando Theme Park holiday.

Here’s a few examples;

We’ll continue to upload Tuesday Tips on our Instagram account, so look out for one this afternoon. If you have a tip you’d like us to include please feel free to post it below.

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#TuesdayTips – Keeping Dry

Hey Thrill Seekers,

I know it’s technically not Tuesday… but we had a bit of an issue with the weather this week, which meant that Teresa’s Tuesday Tips were filmed and put up today. Think of it as a bonus Thursday treat 🙂

Today’s tip is about keeping dry at the parks… don’t worry it hasn’t suddenly started raining, its more about water rides and attractions.

Check it out here;

Well done again to Teresa for continually being the only person brave enough to step in front of the camera. If there’s anything you’d like us to talk about or you have any tips for us in regards to making these videos please do not hesitate to contact us.

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#TuesdayTips – Parking

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Rudely Teresa took some holiday last week so you missed out on your weekly dose of theme park tips, sorry about that but we’re back with a bang this week with a new tip helping you guys when you drive to the parks.

You can view the rest of the series here –

Apologies for some of the sounds quality today, the wind would not give us a break. Again well done to Teresa who continues to be the only person brave enough to host our videos.

As per all our #TuesdayTips these are very much a work in progress any constructive comments are more than welcome either via our facebook page, YouTube channel or by commenting below.

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#TuesdayTips – Suncream & Water

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Its that time again when we treat you to another Tuesday Tips hosted by our very Teresa. This is our third attempt at offering Theme Park tips via video. You can view the other two in the series here;

These videos are very new to us and we’re still figuring out the best ways to produce them, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I must find a way to block out the background noise! If you’re a techie and know a way I can do this without spending a ton of cash on equipment I’d love to hear it either below or on our facebook page.

Join us again next week for another theme park tip.

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#TuesdayTips – Beating The Theme Park Queues

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Its Tuesday… which mean’s its the second in our series of #TuesdayTips hosted by our very own Teresa.

Today’s tip is about how to beat the queues at your favourite Theme Parks.

Again a massive thank you to Teresa for being the only person brave enough to get in front of the camera. This is very much a work in progress so if you have any feedback for us we’d greatly appreciate it.

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#TuesdayTips – Shoes

Hey Thrill Seekers,

We’re trying something new, check out our 30 second video offering theme park tips.

It’s our first attempt, so take a look and let us know what you think. Your feedback is much appreciated as we try something a bit different than the norm.

Big thank you to Teresa who is now the office TV personality. 🙂

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Louise’s Top Ten Tips For Surviving A Theme Park

Hi Thrill Seekers,

For some first timers theme parks in Florida and the shear amount of them can be daunting! You want to get the most out of your once in a lifetime holiday.

If you’re worried about what to take with you or you find yourself agonising over what supplies you will need throughout your day? Then perhaps my Top Ten Tips for Surviving a Theme Park is just what you need. Here are my top 10 necessities:


You may be looking at this thinking yeah, ok, that’s obvious? But believe me, it’s the most common one to forget and no one wants to be ‘that person’!

universal tickets


If you are travelling in a large group, this could be crucial to your visit. The last thing you’re going to want to be doing is spending your holiday chasing around after someone you’ve lost!

Also the majority of the major theme parks now offer free WiFi and have their own app’s which help increase your enjoyment of the parks.


Don’t forget to take money with you! You’re going on holiday to the one of the most amazing places in the world! You know you’re going to want to buy something even if it just food!


Who wants to look like a lobster? Exactly, no one! Whack some sunscreen in your bag and you won’t be fooled by the ever-changing weather, one minute you think you’re fine, the next the sun is beaming down on you sizzling your skin and standing in a queue in the baking sun is a recipe for disaster.


Reusable water bottle 

There is nothing worse than dragging yourself around all day in the hot sun without a drink handy. You know if you don’t pack one, as soon as you decide to go buy a drink, the queue will be out the door! That’s just life! It happens to the best of us!


If you’ve got young children with you, snacks is a must almost everywhere you go! Everyone knows that unless you’re extremely lucky you’re going to be queuing, snacks can help break up the boredom for children and adults alike.

Simple First Aid 

With it being hot, it’s very common to get a headache. Take some paracetamol with you, it’s not going to take up a lot of space and it could make a whole World of difference to your trip! Plasters for the blisters! You will be doing a lot of walking, so your feet are definitely going to hurt!



So I know the majority of the rides will take your photo and they’re really really funny but you are going to want to take your own photos of the sites and of each other. Check out our instagram account of some of the cracking photo opportunities in Orlando.


There’s bound to be someone that doesn’t like the water rides so just pack a poncho so they don’t get wet! It works out cheaper than buying one at the park.

Waterproof bag 

Last but not least, don’t forget to make sure that the bag you pack all of this into is waterproof! The last thing you’re going to want is to be efficient by packing all of the above and then getting on a water ride and it all getting soaked! A lot of people won’t want to take a big backpack; they want to travel as lightly as possible with just the bare minimum of necessities. If this is you, a simple camera bag is ideal. You can squeeze in cash, cards and tickets. You can always carry a water bottle in your hands and fill it up at the water fountains located around the parks!

So there we have it, my top 10 survival tips for a hot day in the parks! I hope it helps. If you have any tips of your own we’d love to hear them either in the comments section below or on our facebook page.

Smiles included…



Our Top 5 Tips For Taking Great Theme Park Photo’s

Hey Thrill Seekers,

I love taking pictures of theme parks almost as much as I like visiting them. These days I tend to take most of my photo’s using my mobile phone, the size and options make them the perfect partner for capturing those special moments.

Now I don’t claim to be an expert at all, I’m probably not even that good but what I have had the advantage of is following around people who are talented including David Dugan a freelance photographer who did some work for us last year. After talking to him here are our 5 top tips for taking great theme park photos.

Landmarks and Positioning

Disney, Universal and SeaWorld Parks have tons of recognisable landmarks including shops, coasters and restaurants. Positioning is key for taking a great photo. Try and capture these landmarks in new and interesting positions. A great example of this is Cinderellas Castle at Magic Kingdom, millions and millions of pictures are taken every year of this landmark, generally the pictures I see are straightforward shots. Why not try taking the picture from over the shoulder of one of your children, a child’s eye view or get down low and ask your children to jump with joy, cheesy yes, but the pictures look great.


Florida theme parks are full of colour, everywhere you look there are massive blocks of colour. Universal’s Islands of Adventure is a great example of this, you have the bright green of the incredible Hulk ride generally silhouetted against a clear blue sky. Take advantage of all the colour around you for some great pictures full of energy and warmth.


Florida isn’t the sunshine state for nothing. So use the sun’s natural light to capture some great shots. Don’t be afraid to take a picture even if you can’t actually see the image you want to take, the sun may be blinding you but the camera will still capture your image.

Some of my favourite pictures of all time include a clever way of using the sun.

Take lots

Don’t be afraid to take lots and lots of pictures. They can’t all be masterpieces, but sometimes you’ll capture something you didn’t even know was going to happen.

Once you’ve finished a busy day at the park and you’re back at your accommodation take time to relax and go through your camera roll and remove the pictures you’re not happy with, freeing up valuable memory space for further theme park visits.

Be ready

If you’re looking for great theme park photo’s you’ve got to be ready, like a camera ninja. Theme parks are full of wonderful once in a lifetime photo opportunities, from the faces riders pull to the amazing food supplied. If you want a great picture be prepared.

So there we are our top 5 tips for taking great photo’s. Do you have any tips to pass on and do you know any great spots within the parks?

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Theme Park Tips From Orlando Attraction Tickets

Morning Thrill Seekers,

Those of you that follow us on facebook will already know that we’veoat fb banner sharethelove been running a competition in conjunction with our #ShareTheLove campaign, the idea was for entrants to #ShareTheLove by offering Theme Park Tips in return they would be entered in to a prize draw to win a Minion (Despicable me!).

Our facebook friends didn’t disappoint, so today I thought I’d do my part and #ShareTheLove with you by listing their great Orlando Attraction Tickets Tips.

Leah Gorman

take your own packed lunch

Alan Armstrong

Here’s my tip, wear comfy shoes….

Jordan Lovelock

Fast track is definitely worth the money. We went last year in peak season and never queued for longer than 20 Minutes for a ride.

Mandy Bardsley

 If you get the meal deals it saves the kids saying there hungry and thirsty all the time .

Louise Holland

 Heres a tip. Get the fast track it might cost a few quid more but can get on more rides

Sandy Hunt

Buy your tickets here in the UK – it is MUCH cheaper than buying them at the gates to the parks (and saves time). There are also exclusive UK deals.

Caroline Lindsay

Go to the rides that are furthest away from the gates first. The queues are shorter there!

Mark Brown 

Get to the park early and take a break at lunch time to miss the worst of the crowds and heat, then go back in the evening.

Terence Cowling

 If the Harry Potter part of Islands of adventure is very crowded, go off and enjoy the rest of the park and come back late afternoon. You will then find that the crowds have nearly all gone and you can then get on the ride quite easily.

Jacqui Rowe

 Even if you decide not to pay for a photopass package the photopass photographers or the cast member supporting them) are happy to take your photo with your own camera as well as theirs. This is a great way of getting photos where the person who is normally the family photographer can also be in some of the photos.

Nick Evans

When entering the park turn left by pass all the rides and go straight round to the back of the park then start on the furthest ride and work back anticlockwise towards the park entrance and hopefully you will miss the longer queues as most people should be following behind you.

Catherine McAlinden

 If travelling with little ones, make a note of the first aid location as soon as you enter. My 8 month old had an allergic reaction on his first ever trip to Magic Kingdom. Luckily, I knew the quickest way to the first aid location, and he was treated really quickly.

Karen Kennedy

Book a night in one of the Universal Resorts and you get free express passes for two days in both parks! These express passes are unlimited not once per ride.. Saves £’s compared to buying express passes in the parks

Samantha Sims

 Put a cool box in your car full of ice and drinks. When you get back to the car you still have ice cold drinks on way back to hotel and will save you pennies.

Andrew Wilson

 My tip: instead of spending a fortune on parking fees park for free at Downtown Disney then use the free transit busses to get to your desired park! Just show your tickets to the driver for free transport!

Nicki Howells

Take time to ‘stop and smell the roses’ don’t just rush round,look round!!!

Paul Boulter

 Get to the parks for opening, its amazing how much you can get done in the first hour.

Sharon Aho

Take time to sit back, relax and people watch

Mark Gardner

All ways go anti clock wise as most with go the other way. No matter how well you know the park get a map and schedule as the always come in handy to find the closes loo or atm

Jill Gillam

 Save the ride with the longest waiting time until last (close to closing time)…..We do this all the time and the line is always shorter, if there is a line even!!

Some cracking theme park tips there, all these tips can be viewed on our facebook page, why not like us and join in on future competitions?

Below is the video of us drawing the 2 winners of our cuddly Minions.

Congratulations to our winners and we hope you enjoy your new friends 🙂

Smiles included…


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