What The Volcano Bay Rendering Tells Us

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There’s no surprise that our most popular post this week and our busiest ever day on the blog coincided with Universal’s announcement that they were building a brand new water park called Volcano Bay.

Although Universal didn’t reveal any specific details except that it would open in 2017 they did provide this artist’s rendering of how the resort will look.


So what details can we extract from the rendering? Lets take a look.

Your eyes are immediately drawn to the huge Volcano centrepiece which dominates the park. Looking at it closely there are a couple of things that stand out, firstly the waterfall part of the Volcano that seems to not only run down into the main body of water but also looks like it erupts at the top as well. You can also make out what appears to be either the start of a water ride or part of the queue experience which looks out on to the park.

The main body of water which the Volcano waterfall drops into seems to suggest a wave pool where people seems to be surfing?

To the right of the beach area you can see the ending of a multi person water ride (3 people pictured) which seems to come from the Volcano, for me this multi person ride is separate to the green tube ride you can just see roughly half way up the Volcano. This suggests to me that there will be at least two tube rides  that start from the top of the Volcano.

In the background on the righthand side you can see what looks like a lazy river which appears to run through the middle of the Volcano! There also appears to be some luxury style cabanas styled like huts in the background.

So to break it down;

  • At least 2 water rides, 1 is definitely a multiperson ride.
  • Wave Pool
  • Lazy River
  • Erupting Volcano?
  • Exclusive cabana’s

That’s pretty much all I can gleam from the photo, can you see anything I’ve missed?

Smiles included…



Wet N’ Wilds Aqua Drag Racer Opens Today

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Diagon Alley isn’t the only new addition to the Universal family opening in Orlando. Today Wet N’ Wild officially opened Aqua Drag Racer, billed as the fastest mat racer attraction in Florida, riders start at a whooping 65ft up before racing each other through 4 individual lanes to determine who’s the quickest.

aqua drag racer

The opening comes a month after SeaWorld’s Aquatica opened Ihu’s Breakaway Falls its multi person drop ride.

Michael Black, senior vice president and general manager of Wet ‘n Wild Orlando told the Orlando Sentinel

Drag Racer features “single riders going down four individual lanes, but it’s very competitive. You’ll have families that are racing against one another and have friends racing against one another.

We dispatch them all at the same time, and it’s a race to see who makes it to the bottom first. It really is a multi-passenger ride.

Black is said to have agreed to build the new attraction when he spoke to a GM of a different park he was visiting who stated that the ride got a great customer response. Manufacturer’s stated that the riders travel at up to 15 feet per second.

I can wait to challenge my friends on this one. You can purchase tickets for Wet N’ Wild at Orlando Attraction Tickets for as little as £28 per person.