The Day I Swam With A Dolphin At Discovery Cove

Good Morning Thrill Seekers,

The 24th September 2015 was the best day of my life when I visited Discovery Cove. I have always dreamt about swimming with dolphins since I was a little girl and I knew this could well have been the last chance I would ever have to do it.


We arrived at the park as early as possible so that we got a good timeslot. They took our photo and gave us our new ticket with our face on which had the name of our cabana and the time of our swim. We were told to be at the Seahorse cabana 5 minutes before our allocated swim time which was 11:05am. We were very happy with this time slot as it gave us chance to settle in and do our swim before lunch.

We headed over to get our wetsuits on and get a locker before going to find a sun lounger to soak up yet more sun. We went for a walk around the park to see what was about and came across the aviary. Looking at all of the beautiful birds flying on top of your head and even feeding them when they land on your arm is truly incredible. I’m not a massive fan of birds and they do scare me quite a lot but I had to do it.

11 o clock came around so quickly that I almost wasn’t ready. I’d started to get quite scared of doing it and nearly talked myself out of it as I’m not a strong swimmer. We had our meeting in the cabana and were put into small groups of 9 which we would share our experience with. To our surprise there was 2 other people in our group that live in our home town! What a small World!

Our dolphin trainers, Lauren and Brad introduced us to Catolina the dolphin and began to explain some facts about dolphins and show us some tricks that they can do with their trainers. We were able to feed fish to her and give her a stroke a few times before going out to begin the swim.

You have the choice between a deep end swim or a shallow end swim which I had to choose the shallow end as I don’t swim too well but it was all the same. I stood aside and watched the people that chose the deep water first and was getting more and more scared by the minute and then before I knew it, it was my turn.

discovery cove trip

I walked over to Catolina and Brad, the trainer explained to place my hands on the top fin and the side fin with my arm over the top. Before I even had chance to think about it, we were off and I felt like I was flying across the top of the water. It was amazing!

After our swim we decided to dry off and get some lunch. Discovery Cove is all inclusive so you can have as much food and drink as you like all day.

I could not wait to get my snorkel on and check out some of the sting rays and fishes in the Grand Reef. I did panic a little due to my swimming abilities so didn’t make it over the sharks although the rest of the party did and said it was surreal. I never realised how big some of the rays are and you have to be careful not to step on them as they don’t move out of your way!

Soaking up some more of the sun back at Serenity Bay was becoming hard work as it was extremely hot on this day so we went off to the Wind-Away Lazy River and floated around it for a while before deciding to grab our last bit of sunshine again before the end of the day.

Discovery Cove was the highlight of my holiday and after visiting I felt so relaxed. It may not produce the adrenaline rush of a Rip Ride Rockit or The Hulk but its easily the best park in Orlando.

Discovery Cove only lets in 1300 people per day so you have to pre-book to avoid disappointment, you can find out more by checking out our dedicated Discovery Cove pages.

Smiles included…


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